Aircrew and aircraft



Aircrew and aircraft


Nine photographs, LH page first one is of Lancaster nose, someone leaning out of cockpit window, squadron letter U visible.
Second is of starboard engines of a Lancaster in flight, captioned 'Taken from Uncle in flight - over ten tenths cloud'.
Third is of a Lancaster parked on a dispersal, a number of people gathered around it, captioned 'Uncle just before an op. Bomb doors gaping open'.
Fourth is of a Halifax on it's belly, bicycle in the foreground, caption 'An enlargement of the Halifax prang opposite'.
RH page, first, three men standing in a country lane with a church in the background, caption Frank, Ted and Dan'.
Second two aircrew, upper torso in front of wooden door captioned 'Doug and self, the navigation team'. Third is the same photograph as the third on previous page aircrewman in flying suit, captioned 'Ted photographed outside a Halifax'.
Fourth and fifth are of the Halifax, captioned ' A well pranged Halifax at Blyton, see further back - 18/3/44 - Z Zulu PO Bunton at ? but we all got out OK'.



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Nine b/w photographs


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