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Letter from the Chaplain at Royal Air Force Oakington to Mrs Wilson expressing his sympathy that her husband and his crew did not return from an operation to Nuremberg the previous evening.

Four hymns posted to Doris Weeks


Rewritten version of Psalm 23 addressing great father chief


Ingrid Dennull reminisces about her wartime experiences in Berlin and then as an evacuee and teacher in East Prussia. She recounts various episodes related to the Dresden raid and its aftermath: seeing from a distance the target indicators, dubbed…

He writes of activities at RAF Silverstone and encloses a bank statement from the National Provincial Bank Limited showing he is £149.9.7 in credit.

Ornate certificate with religious pictures and sayings around border including a note to sponsors. Made out to Charles Randall Godfrey baptised 16 October 1921.


The interviewee recalls her wartime years at Cordenons, starting from the day the outbreak of the war was announced on the radio. She describes how she anticipated the air raid siren with a mixture of elation and fear, being somewhat eager to skip…

The informant describes two bombings he eye-witnessed in the Sesto San Giovanni and Niguarda area. During the first, he was in a basement adapted as underground shelter: he recollects women reciting the rosary and a queasy sensation in the stomach…

Photograph 1 is of a stack of medium capacity bombs.
Photograph 2 is of the interior of a chapel. Captioned 'Binbrook chapel of rest'.
Photographs 3, 5 and 6 are of two airmen standing next to large stockpiles of medium capacity bombs.

Order of Service - hymns, psalms and blessings.


Black leather front cover has RAF badge. Inside page two has message from the King extolling bible, page three name and address. Last two pages blank.


Certificate of birth and baptism for David Antony Boldy, 10 September 1918 by the Armenian Holy Church at Kolkata.


Santina Colombo describes her early life in a family of farmers, her father a fervent socialist. She mentions the start of the war announced on the radio and gives a detailed account of civilian life in wartime Milan: scarce food, growing vegetables…

Vittorio Finauri (b. 1931) remembers the first bombing of Foligno on 22 November 1943. Explains that it was completely unexpected and people were caught unprepared, so bombs aimed at nearby barracks resulted in a heavy death toll. Describes how some…

Efrem Colombi recalls his care-free childhood, initially in the Bergamo countryside and then in Milan. Emphasises his life-long radical anti-Clericalism and recounts how he ran away several times from Catholic boarding schools because of his…

Erika Gautsch (b. 1928) describes her wartime experience of being inside a shelter and the people she met there: an old sick man with his wife, who was incessantly reciting the rosary, and children clinging to their mothers. Emphasises tension and…

Fausta Maggioni recalls memories of her wartime life in Milan. She describes a sizeable shelter reinforced with wooden props, a little bag with the few valuables she had always to bring along, as well as the many duties of her father as warden, who…

Maria Domanovszky (b. 1937) recounts how she threw herself into a swampy ditch when under fire and how she lay down praying and hoping to get back home safely. Describes German soldiers with torn and dirty uniforms escaping from a burning forest.…

Christoph Wagner Brausewetter (b. 1929) recounts the hardships civilians endured inside a shelter, the risks involved and the fact they spent there more time there than at home. Maintains that the worst year was 1943, when aircraft were no longer…
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