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Conversation recorded for the Nanton Lancaster Society.
Hamish Mahaddie, the recruiter for the Pathfinder Force recalls the life of Ian Willoughby Bazalgette VC who plagued him weekly for the opportunity to join the Pathfinders. He had been posted…

Keith joined the RAF 11 Nov 1941 and was released as a WO on the 19 June 1946, from the no 104 PDC Hednesford. He served in the Middle East from 26 Jan 1946 until 12 June 1946.

The first is of the aircrew with a Lancaster behind them, on the reverse caption 'Keith, back row, 11th from right'.
The second has the ground crew sitting or standing on the Lancaster, on the reverse caption 'Keith, back row on the ground, between…

Six photographs of Laurie.
#1 Laurie in a Sidcot suit.
#2 Laurie sitting on rocks.
#3 Laurie standing by a wooden door.
#4 Laurie sitting on a railing at a beach.
#5 a half length portrait of Laurie.
#6 a colour portrait of Laurie.

A near vertical aerial photograph of Bergen Harbour, showing its entire layout, with the town in the centre. In the town the seven-sided lake, Lille Lungegardsvannet, next to the Festplassen can be identified. Above this is the large body of water…

Eight men in two rows at the front of their 635 Squadron Lancaster.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

A large group of airmen and ground crew arranged in four rows in front of a Lancaster. It is captioned '635 (Pathfinder) Squadron RAF Downham Market Norfolk May, 1945'.

Harry standing on a step beside a wooden door. On the first copy is annotated 'Harry Whittaker DFM Log Book 158 Sqd 635 Sqd 35 Sqd'.
A second has no annotation.
A third copy has ' F/Sgt Whittaker (Bombadier) (Charlie) on the reverse.
A fourth copy…

An account of operation as Pathfinder against German naval and submarine base at Kiel when his aircraft was shot down by 'Schräge Musik' equipped night-fighter which cause the aircraft to break in two. Describes crew actions during bomb run and…

Before joining the Royal Air Force on 4 February 1942, Ernie worked as an apprentice joiner. On being called up he went to RAF Blackpool for training, which included Morse code. Following training at different places he then attended the advanced…

Alice Wrigley was married to James Wrigley, a wireless operator on Lancasters. She talks about her early life after losing her mother, her marriage to Jim and how war work enabled her to become independent by sorting out somewhere to live whilst he…

Opens with mention of Bomber Command memorial in Green Park and 55,573 despite killed, moral was high due to belief that winning was vital. Tells story that he was guest at two weddings in 1943 with three other members of Bomber Command and that all…
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