Operations order from 4 Group



Operations order from 4 Group


Detailed operation order from group to 102, 77, 10, 158, 466, 640, 76, 78, 51 and 578 Squadrons with numbers of aircraft required. Target "Whitebait". Gives detailed instructions, routes, bomb loads, wave orders, fuel loads, window carriage, route markers, Pathfinder target and spoof marking, bombing instructions. List aircraft involved from other groups.



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One page typewritten document


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[inserted] AIR 25/103 [/inserted]

From:- No.4 Group. To:- usual.
[missing letter] Form B.276. B. Date 15.2.44.
C. Gee and Jay Beams.
[a] Chain Series [b] Switch Posn. [c] From To
[a] Northern 1V [b] Normal [c] Throughout
[a] Eastern 11 [b] Normal [c] Throughout
[a] Eastern 11 [b] 25/3/1 [c] Z+60 Z+1501
Jay Beams B 070 D 055.
D. To carry out an attack on Whitebait.
E. Hours of darkness 15/16 Feb.44.
[d] F. Station [e] Sqdn [f] Hal.
[d] Pock. [e] 102 [f] 19
[d] Pock. [e] 77 [f] 20
[d] Pock. [e] 10 [f] 18
[d] Driffield [e] 158 [f] 17
[d] Driffield [e] 466 [f] 20
[d] Driffield [e] 640 [f] 19
[d] Holme [e] 76 [f] 9
[d] Holme [e] 78 [f] 27
[d] Snaith [e] 51 [f] 18
[d] Snaith [e] 578 [f] [underlined] 12 [/underlined]
[underlined] Total 179 [/underlined]
G. and H. Main Primary Alt. L.R. ) 125 degs 1000 yds from Whitebait “B”.
J. Nickels. Driffield 45 G97 T/A.
Holme 50G 95 25 G 3. T/A.
Snaith. 30 G 95 28G101 5 G3 T/A.
Pock. 12 S As instructed. 15 USG 23 15USG 25 2G97 18G99 15G 100 10G 102 15G 103 15G1 15G2 30G 4. T/A.
K. and L. Base 5525 N 0700E 551ON 1000E 5430N 1230E Target Return
Route 1st three waves target 5210N 1350E 5240N 1100E 5240N 0855E
5340N 0400E Base. Last two waves Target 5200N 1315E 5200N 0955E 5235N
0830E 5240N 0400E Base.
M. Zero hour 2115 hrs.
1st Wave 28 L 1 Gp 16 L 3 Gp 28 H III 4 Gp. (consisting of 14 a/c
Driffield Base, 6 a/c from Holme Base, 8 a/c from Snaith Base) 55 L of
5 Gp. 13 H.III and 8 L 6 Gp. TOT Z to Z+4.
2nd Wave. 66 H. II/V of 4 Gp. (consisting of 9 a/c Holme Base 57 a/c
Pock. Base) and 69 H. II/V of 6 Gp. TOT Z +4 to Z+8.
3rd Wave. 28 L 1 Gp 16 L 3 Gp 28 H III 4 Gp (consisting of 14 a/c
Driffield Base, 7 a/c Holme Base, 7 a/c Snaith Base) 55 L 5 Gp, 12 H.
III and 8 L 6 Gp. TOT Z+8 to Z+12.
4th Wave Same as 3rd Wave. TOT Z+12 to Z+16.
5th Wave. Same as 3rd Wave. TOT Z+16 to Z+20.
M. Bomb load. 6 SBC (90x4) + 2 (500) clusters fused capsule 10/27
+ 4 SBC (8x30) 10% of all 4lb. I.B’s to be “X” type.
Note 1. ALL a/c to carry 6 [symbol] 1 overload tanks. Note 2. Window is to be
used in accordance with 4 Gp.0.I.No.46. Area of discharge from 7 degs.
E. to target Rate C and within 50 miles of the target rate D and on
remainder of route homeward to 0330E Rate C. Each a/c to carry 288
bundles. Note 3. 30 L of 1 Gp are to act as supporters to the PFF
Bomb load 100% HE. Note 4. Any a/c bombing after Z+12 M is to return
by the route allotted to the last two waves. Note 5. 1. Method for
tonight 15.2.44 on Whitebait will be mixed Wanganui and Paramatta.
2. Routemarkers flares green steady will be dropped at the following
positions outwardbound. Position ‘P’ = 5518N 0833E. Position ‘Q’
5439N 1155E. 3. The attack will open with red TI dropped in the T/A.
Green TI will then be dropped to mark the A/P throughout the attack.
In addition the release point will be marked with bundles of flares red
with green stars. 4. Main force a/c should aim their bombs at the
centre of all green TI. If cloud conditions obscure T.I’s main force a/c
should aim their bombs at the ce[missing letters]re of all bundles of flares red with
green stars while holding an exact heading of 165 M. In this case
bomb sights should be set for true height and air speed but zero wind.
5. Crews should be warned of the following spoofs or markers for other
attacks. A. Red flares and red TI at position R = 5446 N 0956E. B.
Red and green TI and bombs on GH 5519. C. Spoof fighter flares at
Positions approx. 20 miles ENE and NW of the main target1 [sic] D. Spoof
routemarkers green steady and fighter flares at “S” = 5300N 1040E. approx. Note 6. Other groups.
1 Gp. 164 L. 3 Gp. 64 L 5 Gp 220 L 6 Gp 32 L + 118 H. PFF 45 Y 20 BU
30 SP [deleted] 24 L [/deleted] Same as 4 Gp. PFF 24 L GH 5519 20 M Whitebait 19 M. Enemy
fighter A/F’s. Gardening 1 Gp 6 W. Artichokes 3 Gp 6 S.Young Elderberry.
3 Gp. 40 S Forget-me-nots. PFF 4 H. Markers ditto.

0. To be ack.


4 Group Headquarters, “Operations order from 4 Group,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 21, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/38355.

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