No 100 (S.D.) Group - intelligence raid analysis



No 100 (S.D.) Group - intelligence raid analysis


Details of operation to Berlin on 15/16 February 1944. Gives numbers of Bomber Command aircraft involved for 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 Groups. Details other targets - spoof to Frankfurt, Mosquitos to Aachen and mine laying. Weather, Enemy raid reaction - detailed report on actions of enemy aircraft. Controlled night fighter figures, lists German aerodromes involved. Detailed list of countermeasures used by Bomber Command.

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Four page typewritten document


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No. 20 2/44
Permanent Preservation
Transfer to Air Ministry (A.H.B.)
custody when closed.

[inserted] 14/2920 [/inserted]

[underlined] MOST SECRET [/underlined].

[underlined] No.100 (S.D.) Group – INTELLIGENCE [/underlined]


[underlined] Night 15/16th February, 1944 [/underlined].

[underlined] BERLIN [/underlined]

1 Group 161 Lancasters took off 139 attacked Primary 9 Missing.
3 Group 66 Lancasters took off 56 attacked Primary 5 Missing.
4 Group 177 Halifaxes took off 119+ attacked Primary 12 Missing.
5 Group 226 Lancasters took off 207 attacked Primary 5 Missing.
6 Group 32 Lancasters took off 26+ attacked Primary 1 Missing.
118 Halifaxes took off 87+ attacked Primary 4 Missing.
8 Group 18 Mosquitos took off 15 attacked Primary Nil Missing.
19 Halifaxes took off 16 attacked Primary 1 Missing.
76 Lancasters took off 67 attacked Primary 6 Missing.
[underlined] 893 [/underlined] [underlined] 732 [/underlined] [underlined] 43 [/underlined]

[underlined] FRANKFURT ANDERODER (Spoof target) [/underlined]

8 Group 24 Lancasters took off 24 attacked Primary Nil Missing

[underlined] AACHEN [/underlined]

8 Group 2 Mosquitos took off 1 attacked Primary Nil Missing

[underlined] MINELAYING [/underlined]

1 Group 6 Wellingtons took off 5 attacked Primary Nil Missing
3 Group 49 Stirlings took off 39 attacked Primary Nil Missing
8 Group 4 Halifaxes took off 4 attacked Primary Nil Missing

[underlined] INTRUDER PATROLS [/underlined]

8 Group 19 Mosquitos took off 15 attacked Primary Nil Missing

[underlined] ROUTES [/underlined] As shown in Appendix “A”

[underlined WEATHER [/underlined] 10/10ths cloud. Tops to 6,000 to 8,000 feet.
Good visibility above cloud.

[inserted] [underlined] 997 [/underlined] [/inserted]

[page break]

[inserted] 14/2920 [/inserted]

– 2 –

[underlined] ENEMY RAID REACTION [/underlined].

[underlined] Raid Reporting Frequency [/underlined].

6 H/F. Raid Reporting Frequencies, one V.H.F., 31.2 Mc/s., and 9 Sector Controls, of which 4 contained R.R.F. type messages, were heard.

Controls involved were J.D’s 1, 2, 3 and 4 with J.D. 3 also operating Benito.

Aircraft of N.J.G.1, 2, 3 and 5 plus one unidentified, believed to work with N.J.G.3, operated.

Beacons used were B, [deleted] [indecipherable letter] [/deleted] Q, and K.

References were again made to OTTOKAR.

Traffic intercepted at 2006/14. hours indicated that the enemy did not appreciate that Minelayers were operating in an area North of KIEL.

The spook target raid on FRANKFURT AN DER ODER passed un-noticed.

First mention of hostiles was made at 1816 hours and the first order to enemy aircraft heard was at 1811 hours.

1811 hours Aircraft of N.J.G.3 plus unidentified aircraft ordered to collect over Beacon Q.
Aircrft of N.J.G.5 collect over Home Base.
Aircraft of N.J.G.1 and 2 also to Q.

1812 hours Aircraft of N.J.G.2, 3, 5 plus unidentified unit to collect over Q.

1816 hours. Hostiles reported 65 miles N.N.W. of HARWICH and further formation 160 miles W.N.W. of TEXEL.

1819 hours (Different frequency). Aircraft of N.J.G.1 and 2 to proceed on a course of 218° to Beacon K.

1824 hours Spearhead of hostiles 100 miles N.N.E. of YARMOUTH.

1835 hours To aircraft of N.J.G.3 “remain on course 140°.”

1840 hours. Aircraft told to remain at 13,500 ft. – The guns have been stopped firing.
Aircraft to vector 270°, Allied aircraft in position 25 miles N.W. of LEEUWARDEN (? our Pathfinder Intruder aircraft).

1846 hours Spearhead of hostile aircraft 85 miles N.N.W. of VLIELAND – second formation 85 miles N.N.W. of TEXEL. Third formation North of SCHIERMONNIKOOG.

1849 hours Two line V.H.F. Fix on a controlled night fighter 12 miles N.E. of DEN HELDER.

1849+ hours Same aircraft gave his position 10 kms. West of TERSCHELLING.
1851 hours Second formation of hostiles 85 miles N.N.W. of TEXEL and third formation 82 miles N.W. of TEXEL.

1901 hours Aircraft of N.J.G.3, numbers 40 to 70, go to SCHLESWIG.

1904+ hours Aircraft of N.J.G.1 and 2 fly on from Beacon Q towards SCHLESWIG.

1905 hours All aircraft over Beacon Q vector course 360°.

1916 hours Fly on over Beacon Q for 25 minutes on course of 360°.

1918 hours Aircraft of N.J.G.3 ordered to fly to WESTERLAND on course of 360° and wait there – many hostiles expected. All further aircraft go to Q.

1924 hours Many hostile aircraft 100 miles North of SCHIERMONNIKOOG.

/ Continued . . . . . Page 3.

[page break]

[inserted] 14/2920 [/inserted]

– 3 –

1930 hours (approx.) Aircraft told “You are to report on frequency “A”. Flak is quiet. Vector course 360° otherwise you will be too late, Spearhead at approximately 20 miles West of WESTERLAND and 65 miles West of SYLT. There are also many hostiles there flying on an easterly course.

1932 hours Aircraft told landing possibilities good everywhere.

1945 hours Aircraft of N.J.G.5 told to fly further from HAHN to EICHHORNCHEN (Code Names).

1950 hours Hostiles N.W. of ODENSE.

1957 hours Aircraft on a different frequency, possibly a controlled night fighter, told to go over to a Raid Reporting Frequency.

1958 hours Aircraft of N.J.G.5 told Spearhead of hostiles 45 miles N.E. of KIEL on a S.E. course. A Sector Control gave height of hostiles as 21,100 ft. Hostiles continue to fly over WESTERLAND.

*2006 hours Aircraft to fly from EICHHORNCHEN to REIHER (Code Names). Reference by Sector Control to Hostiles possibly having difficulty in getting through.

*2007 hours Spearhead of Allied aircraft 32 miles N.E. of KIEL.

*2014 hours Hostiles reported to have attacked already.

NOTE: * Message presumably refers to the Minelayers.

2015+ hours Hostiles in wide area 50/70 miles North of KIEL.

2020 hours Sector Control reports ROSENSTADT (Code word – ROSTOCK?)

2027 hours Corrupt message from a Sector Control indicated spearhead of hostiles - - - unlimited.

2033 hours Spearhead of Allied aircraft over BERLIN. Position of other aircraft 70/80 miles N.N.W. of ROSTOCK.

2049 hours Aircraft of N.J.G.5 advised of aerodrome serviceability.

2059 hours Hostiles over BERLIN.

2101 hours 1 Aircraft of N.J.G.3 told by Sector Control he could not make BERLIN, return to SCHLESWIG.

2121 hours Returning Hostiles on North Westerly course 35 miles (approx). South of BERLIN.

2142 hours Aircraft told to fly to Beacon B, not over BERLIN.

2145 hours Indications of aircraft returning to GROVE.

2201 hours Landing Instructions.

2201 hours Position of a Controlled Night Fighter was given as 20 miles S.W. VENLO (40 Mc/s).

2208 hours To all aircraft of N.J.G.1 and 2 plus unidentified unit “Landing possibilities good everywhere, should you have to land fly course at previously ordered height.”

2212 hours. The position of a Controlled Night Fighter was obtained (40 Mc/s.) in the EINDHOVEN area and on the same frequency aircraft was told (2159 hours) of Flak firing above 19,800 ft. East of COLOGNE.

2214 hours Hostiles reported South of OLDENBORG to OSNABRUCK.

NOTE: In the message at 1945 hours reference was made to a Code Word the significance of which is not understood.

[inserted] 31.2 [/inserted] [underlined] 3/R2 Mc/s [/underlined].

Operated from 1923 to 2110 hours.

1925/6 Hostiles 120 miles North of EMDEN

2000/5 Hostiles 36 miles North of KIEL.

2008 Spearhead bearing 20°. Vector to the left – distance 120 miles course 150°.

2015 Height of hostiles 18,000 ft. to 18,500 ft. approaching OTTOKAR continuously.

2022 Flak firing up to 21,000 ft.

2025 Aircraft told to fly outside the Flak area.

2029 Leading formation of Hostiles will reach OTTOKAR 1. in 15 minutes.

2040 Hostiles flying near ROSTOK on S.E. course.

2047 Hostiles crossed OTTOKAR from the left 10°/30° from Beacon B, course 160°.

/ Continued . . . . Page 3.

[page break]

[inserted] 14/2920 [/inserted]

– 4 –

2107 Hostiles continuously crossing OTTOKAR – direction 20°/40° from Beacon B, course BERLIN.

[underlined] Controlled Night Fighters [/underlined]

15 Controlled Night Fighters on 9 H/F frequencies were heard.
6 Controlled Night Fighters on 4 V.H.F. frequencies, of which 2 were Benito were heard.
No claims were intercepted.

[underlined] Aerodromes [/underlined].

The following landing groups were used:


[underlined] COUNTERMEASURES [/underlined].

[underlined] AIRBORNE CIGAR [/underlined]. A.B.C. type signals were heard on 7 frequencies: Request was made for action on two other frequencies – action was partially effective on one of these, but not on the other.

[underlined] DARTBOARD [/underlined]. No traffic was heard, but the usual musical programme was broadcast from STUTTGART. (574 Kcs.)

[underlined] CORONA [/underlined] Operated against 5 Raid Reporting Frequencies. As a new method of mixed voices was used by the enemy it can be assumed that this countermeasure achieved some success.

[underlined] SPECIAL TINSEL [/underlined]. Requested on 7 frequencies – partially effective on one frequency, ineffective against two frequencies, while the remaining frequencies were perfectly clear.

[underlined] WINDOW [/underlined]. A possible reference to this Countermeasure was made at 2032 when “Hostiles with Slips” were reported.

[underlined] BENITO JAMMING [/underlined]. Was heard on 40.0 Mc/s. and 39.25 Mc/s.

[underlined] GROUND CIGAR [/underlined] 41.7 Mc/s. 1908 to 1930 hours. Barrage Jamming 1930 to 2034 hours and 2200 to 2349 hours
The Barrage Jamming heard was considered to be only partially effective.

[underlined] GROCER [/underlined] DUNWICH – Radiating 075° 2238 to 2324 hours
WALMER – Radiation NIL

[underlined] MANDREL [deleted letter] L [/deleted] [/underlined] All Stations 1850 to 2035 hours and 0015 to 0050 hours


“No 100 (S.D.) Group - intelligence raid analysis,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 24, 2024,

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