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Franco Nocchieri recalls his early years as an orphan in several different towns in the Province of Pavia. He describes the bombing of the Voghera railway station, which started while he was heading to school. He goes on to explain how he and his…

Marino Ferrari recalls his early life as an engineer at Pavia arsenal, and later in Catanzaro and Verona. Describes his life as an Italian military internee in East Prussia, working in different lumberyards. Speaks with affection of the German…

Angela Bianchi remembers wartime life in the outskirts of Pavia, where she lived on a farm with other families. Recalls her experiences of being bombed while working in a clothes factory situated close to one of the most important Ticino bridges,…

A permit to keep racing or homing pigeons belonging to Roy Briggs


Groups of airmen arranged in front of Boston aircraft.
'R.A.F. West Raynham, 5th July 1943. 107 Sqd Boston A/C,
107 Sqd, Officers, C.O. W/C. England.
107 Sqd, Senior N.C.O.
107 Sqd, A. Flight.
107 Sqd, B. Flight.'

Alessandra Rivalta recalls her early life, first as member of Opera Nazionale Balilla then as an undergraduate student at the faculty of humanities. Describes the start of the war, early anti-aircraft precautions and wartime life: food shortage,…

Arthur was born in 1920 and joined the Royal Air Force at the age of nineteen when war started in 1939. Arthur completed a navigation course, which lasted six weeks. When the School of Navigation in Cheshire was expanded, Arthur became staff pilot,…

Head and shoulders portraits of three airmen - Mieczysław Stachiewicz (11 photos), Roman Lipczyński and Jan Chmiel, brother of Roman, and a spaniel.

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Photo 1 is a woman sitting with a long haired dog.
Photo 2 is a woman on a bicycle, her left hand on a wall.
Photo 3 is a man and a woman at the entrance to a house.
Photo 4 is the same man and a different woman at the same entrance to a…

Photo 1 is Poulton Hall, from the gardens.
Photo 2 is a Polish airman standing at the corner of a building.
Photo 3 is two Polish airmen leaning on each other in a garden.
Photo 4 is a woman sitting outside on a chair with two small dogs on her…

Photo 1 is a half length portrait of Bogdan Krahelski and Mieczysław Stachiewicz.
Photo 2 is a full length portrait of Bogdan Krahelski and Mieczysław Stachiewicz standing at the entrance to a brick building.
Photo 3 is a head and shoulders…

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Written at sea. Starts with some humorous banter. Mentions that the first thing he will get when they settle and but a house is a dog. Writes story of obtaining a snakeskin in Brisbane and that he will be up all night going through the strait where…


Written from Singapore. Noted that he missed ship Scalaria by few hours and laments difficulty in finding a 'homeship'. Mentions that another captain thinks every homeship coming through is his but Dennis's father is senior. Talks about Dennis's new…


Writes about stories of damage to Hull in bombing related by him and other acquaintances. Enquires about other people and relates some family news. Mentions that things are not comfy at her location due to bombing but she wished to stay with her…

Ferdinando Righi recalls his early life in Monfalcone, brought up by his mother while his father served as a submariner. Describes daily life in wartime: how he used to sleep fully clothed, waiting for the air raid siren. His mother would put some…

Greetings card addressed to Irene Green page with a silhouette of man on a camel. Greetings of the season H M Forces Middle East from Robert to the family. Annotated 'Good Health, Good Luck, To You All'.


Fausta Maggioni recalls memories of her wartime life in Milan. She describes a sizeable shelter reinforced with wooden props, a little bag with the few valuables she had always to bring along, as well as the many duties of her father as warden, who…

Erich Thom and Karl B's account of the events at Mombachstraße 10/12 (abattoir)/Leipziger Straße 79.

Heinrich Stöppler's account of the events at Franzgraben 85 (Municipal Cleaning Department).

Six figures and two dogs carrying out various activities at farm. Fence on left and hedge on right, sheep in field top left. Captioned "Wednesday night was drying ground night"

Added caption: 'The family gardening at Potter Hill, L to R, Irene,…

Two adult figures - plus baby - all in uniform facing front on the left between two flag poles. Led by a dog, four other figures in uniform march past from the right with pitchforks shouldered.

Added caption: 'The family at Potter Hill, L to R,…

A goldfinch sitting on a branch with foliage in the background. Signed 'A Coulton'.


Efrem Colombi recalls his care-free childhood, initially in the Bergamo countryside and then in Milan. Emphasises his life-long radical anti-Clericalism and recounts how he ran away several times from Catholic boarding schools because of his…

Helga Cent-Velden (b. 1926) recounts her life in Berlin under constant threat of bombing. Describes how her father tried to locate a suitable air raid shelter for the family and especially how he ruled out the Shell House because of a canal running…
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