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Four photographs from an album. #1 is the Guard Room of 8(B) Squadron at Aden. #2 is the "Sheba's" wells at "Crater" Aden. #3 is three men preparing food on the Murbat trip (5 planes) 1935 with Vickers Vincent in the background. #4 is four tribesmen…

The guard room at 8 Squadron, Aden. Also noted on the reverse.

A montage of four photographs and one sketch map relating to Denis' visit to the centre.

Photo 1 - an aerial photograph of Coningsby with arrows showing the location of the Main Guard Room and the arrival gate.

Item 2 - a location diagram…

An article about a navigator and a bomb aimer who destroyed their maps on two occasions. They were charged with Lack of Moral Fibre.
A second article titled 'Norton Camp, Sheffield' is about a punishment camp where the writer was sent after cycling…

Camouflaged Tiger Moth T6645, annotated 'DH 82A Tiger Moth, type flown at Fairoaks'.De Winton, Calgary DH 82C with canopies, March to May '42, 11 hrs 30 mins flying.
Nine small b/w photographs, one showing three Tiger Moths with canopies on the…

A group of six Royal Air Force personnel walking on a snow covered path. The first five are wearing greatcoats and peaked caps and the rearmost a tunic and side cap. Following is Air Vice-Marshal C R Carr, officer commanding 4 Group Bomber Command,…

Freddie Frederick volunteered for the Royal Air Force and did a course in Blackpool. He was posted to No. 12 Initial Training Wing at St Andrew, although was unsuccessful in his flying test. Freddie was then trained at RCAF Moncton in Canada and…

Harry Gough was born in Dewsbury, he finished school in 1939 aged fourteen, joined the Air Training Corps in 1941 and volunteered for the Air Force in 1943. He recounts his training as an air gunner and flying over the North Pole. After flying…

A note book belonging to Herbert O’Hara containing his notes on Royal Air Force rules and regulations, organisation and management.
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