Letter from David Boldy to his father



Letter from David Boldy to his father


Letter from David Boldy to his father with general conversation about attending St. Joseph’s College, Naini Tal. David writes that his younger brother and he have just returned from the annual camp, having won ten cups for sporting activities. He promises to work hard with his studies and will be joining his brother playing doubles in the interclass tournament.




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12th October 1936.

My own darling Dad.

Thanks ever so much for your letter and all your news. We have both got back from camp safe and sound and as fit as ever owing to the early morning P.T. and the marching etc. We had a really grand time in camp and were all very sorry to leave.

I went to camp with Rs10 and returned with Rs9. of course I received Rs5 blue lights which enables you to buy stuff from the Canteen and I made Rs5 through – careful speculation!

In the Sports we got 7 cups not 8, but in camp the governor distributed the shooting prizes. I got a cup for .22 shooting I came first in it in all schools and a second for snap shooting and a cup [deleted] for [/deleted] as I was in the Langley cup which we won; So we are bringing home 10 cups this year, [deleted] Qite [/deleted] quite a haul. We won the Langley Cup and the M.P. Shield. Sherwood won the Alison Cup and P.S.C. the Cadet shield. So we have once more come off best. We have won the M.P.

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shield for the last six years.

Now that the Sports and camp are over I will study my hardest and try and do well in the Lessons. In Camp the doctor had an alsation and a great dane and the [indecipherable] which he had from a pup would do anything he told, to walk on the left of the road, to knock a person down, to jump over the other dog and they even play tug o war. It was terribly cold in camp and we have all got colds.

I have been playing games lately and I am much better for it. Thank God my hand does not hinder me [deleted] a [/deleted] in any way. The Inter-class tournaments are about to begin. Probably the tennis will also be on soon. Steve and I are playing together in the Senior Doubles and will do our best. We stand a sporting chance. Well no more news to-day. God bless and keep you for us. With lots of love and kisses from your
Loving son





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