Letter from David Boldy to his father



Letter from David Boldy to his father


Letter from David Boldy to his father with general conversation about attending St. Paul’s School in Darjeeling. Describes buying some new spikes, the school fair being a great success, where horse racing took place and Sylvia Cox visited. Recounts a climb up Tiger Hill and watching the sun rise over Mount Everest.




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Two page handwriten letter


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15th October 1933

My darling Daddy,

Thanks for your letter.

I got a pair of spikes charged in the bill. I hope you don’t mind, there was no time to write to you so I asked Mummy. I payed [sic] Rs.11 for them. I got it for 1-8 less than the real price. It is a very good pair. Mummy saw them yesterday.

We had our fair yesterday it was a thourough [sic] sucess [sic]. We thouroughly [sic] enjoyed ourselves. I saw Sylvia and with our gang of friends took her round the place. I introduced her to Mummy. [deleted] We had a s [/deleted] Queenshill came, the [undecipherable] were not allowed. After the fair there was a show by a man & his daughters, the dancing was marvellous. Forbes & myself & Sylvia’s brother sat with her at the concert. We had a good time. I got 43 in Physics, I think I came 6th.

[page break]

There was a horse race in the fair yesterday. Really I was first but they said everyone cut [deleted] the [/deleted] [inserted] one of the [/inserted] corners except one boy but that was wrong, even Mummy thinks so. I rode like a jockey with short stirrups. Mummy & Forbes mother were very frightened because a dog came on the field and all the horses ran of [sic] the course. We got them on again though. It was a very exciting race. I did not go out today because my leave is stopped. I had a row with the gym instructor & he told the rector. After my leave was taken away I went to the instructors [sic] room and gave him something to think about. Cheer up Daddy only [deleted] [indecipherable] [/deleted] a few more days left, and you will have Mummy to entertain you. We went to Tiger Hill today and saw the sun rise & Mt Everest. The colouring & scenery was marvellous. No more news today with lots of love & kisses
from your loving son David.




David Boldy, “Letter from David Boldy to his father,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed January 17, 2022, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/444.

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