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Article in the Aeroplane magazine March 30 1945 issue. Describes actions of Acting Squadron Leader Robert Antony Maurice Palmer D.F.C and Bar, 109 Squadron during an operation to Cologne marshalling yards. Also give other details of his service…

Ben May's life and service as a flight engineer on 420 Squadron flying Halifax from January 1945. Relate life before volunteering for aircrew and being called up for the RAF in February 1944. Provides short description of training and joining 420…

One frontal photograph and an underside silhouette of a Me 163 with 'Me 163' on the reverse.


Photo 1 is a port side view of a Me 261.
Photo 2 is a port side view of a Me 263.


The report discusses the take-off, flying and landing are discussed and not very favourably.
Photo 1 and 3 are port side views.
Photo 2 is a starboard view.


Photo 1 is a starboard view of a Ju 160.
Photo 2 is a port/rear view of a Ju 160.
Photo 3 is a Ju 248, a development of the Me 163 rocket powered aircraft. Later it was renumbered Me 263.


Norman Wilkins was born in West Norwood. At the age of fourteen he joined the Air Training Corps and became a member of Brighton and Hove Air Cadets 176 Squadron. He then joined the University Air Squadron at Oxford, with fees being paid by the…

Derek Gurney was working at the De Havilland Works before he volunteered for aircrew. While on training he saw one Wellington blow up and another with a broken wing. He was posted to 10 Squadron, RAF Melbourne for his tour. On one operation they…

Royal Air Force notebook for workshop and laboratory records containing a large number of hand drawn wartime cartoons including aircraft caricatures. On the cover '547557 AC2 Johnson' and '1209046 LAC Cluett 1940'.

Doug Begbie was an apprentice chef before he volunteered for the RAF. He trained as a rear gunner and was posted to 76 Squadron. He shot down what sounds like an Me 163.

PShawSR1604 copy.2.jpg
Stanley Shaw was born in 1926 in Derby and left school at Easter 1940 where he worked in a garage looking after fuel for the nearby camp at Spondon. He saw some soldiers who had returned from Dunkirk, who were reporting to their…

General Adolph Galland remembers his early life and subsequent career as a Luftwaffe pilot. Recounts various episodes: flying gliders as a young boy; changes in Luftwaffe fighting tactics during the Spanish civil war; the Luftwaffe refraining from…
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