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L’intervistato è Ermanno Marraccini, nato a Pistoia il 26 luglio 1903, all’epoca capofabbricato. L’intervista è effettuata da Claudio Rosati presso la sua abitazione a Pistoia, il 16 ottobre 1984. Durante il primo bombardamento, Ermanno…

A certificate awarded to Roy for achieving a pass in Air Raid Precaution.

A half length portrait of Beatrice sitting at a desk in uniform. On the reverse on a sticky note is 'Beatrice Achesan nee Holden Civil Defence'.

City fire guard certificate made out for JJ Bartram on 1 December 1943. Letter and enclosed defence medal.

Advice on what to do if the Germans invade and how to do it. Advice includes: stay put, do not believe or spread rumours, keep watch and report anything suspicious to the police, do not give anything or any information to invading Germans, be ready…

An autobiography of Tom Payne, mainly pre-war in Hemel Hempstead. At the start of the war he became a fire watcher. His cousin, Vivian Gunning, died in June 1940 whilst flying in a Blenheim. He recalls bombing and low flying German bombers. He joined…

Silver badge with crown and 'ARP' letters.

Badge with crown and 'CD'.

A letter written by the Fire Service to Charles Goy releasing him from part-time duties. Included is a certificate of Service and a memo about retaining his uniform.

Two photographs. Top a full length portrait of a man wearing greatcoat and side cap with a mural in the background. Includes to the side a badge 'BAC' annotated 'Bristol Aircraft Company'. Captioned 'Peter Jenkinson in the 13th Gloucester Home Guard…

An album to contain a series of cigarette cards of national importance. Shows pictures of some of the things that the government and local authorities are working out for the protection of the general public. Includes: window protection, splinter…

Covers first aid, care of stirrup pump, war gases, organisation, duties, equipment, team drills and actions and types of bombs including incendiaries. Concludes with miscellaneous notes.

Margaret was almost twelve years old at the outbreak of World War Two and living in Romford, Essex. She remembers the announcement made by Neville Chamberlain on the radio on September 3rd 1939. Margaret recounts being issued with a gas mask and how…

Gladys Hatt was working in Manchester as a teenager when it was bombed. She recalls her life was a sequence of work, shelter, work and there was no teenage life for her. She worked as a machinist sewing uniforms which was a big change from her…

A head and shoulders portrait of Doris in Royal Observer Corps uniform.
On the reverse 'Doris Edith Reddish ROC 12/10/25 -17/05/17'.

Doris' experience in the Royal Observer Corps. She explains how they would record an aircraft. They recorded all aircraft.

14 items from Doris' service in the Royal Observer Corps.
Item 1 is the two badges on her cap.
Item 2 and 3 are Doris' cap.
Item 4 and 5 are both sides of an enamel badge.
Item 6 is a cloth Royal Observer Corps badge.
Item 7 is a cloth rank…

Certifies that Joan Marie Mitchell completed training in welfare and homeless.

Thanks him for last letter and describes a daylight German attack near his office. Two bombs dropped nearby but did not explode and were dealt with by Royal Engineers. Two oil bombs were also dropped, but these landed on waste ground. Mentions life…

Betty Welton was born in 1924. She left school at the age of fourteen, and at the age of seventeen and a half joined the Women’s Land Army. She saw this as an opportunity to escape her home circumstances. On receiving her papers she travelled…

Written by his father saying that mother is better letter writer and he leaves it mostly to her. Mentions sending him a cable on previous day. Writes about his activities including fire watch duties. Talk about his business and that the letter is…

An airman standing on a garden path. He is wearing a hard hat and gas mask. The image is mounted on a cardboard mount.

Owen Cox went to a grammar school in York and joined the Home Guard when the war started. At 18 he joined the Royal Air Force, although his parents were not keen. His initial trade was ground wireless operator (Morse), waiting to attend a gunnery…
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