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Kathleen Reid worked in reserved occupation but wanted to join the RAF as a WAAF. She was initially trained as a telephonist but remustered to flight control. Duty meant staying all night in the tower to guide flights home. Then they would be…

Bill Foskett standing on the balcony of the Udine airfield control tower.

A man standing on the balcony of the Udine-Campoformido airfield control tower. On the reverse 'The New Tower'.

View of the Campoformido airfield control tower, the Pasian di Prato bell tower is visible in the distance. On the reverse 'My Domain'.

Oblique aerial views of Udine Campoformido airfield. On the reverse ' "My Domain from the Air" while still under construction. Udine Feb 1946'.

The two men are in the control tower at Udine. A second photograph has Bill and a different colleague in the tower. On the reverse 'Candid shot in the Tower. Cpl Whittaker in corner. Udine Feb 1946.'
A third photograph is Bill, alone with an Aldis…

A head and shoulders portrait of Bill. He has a Bomb Aimer brevet.
On the reverse 'To "The Old Man" With love from Son. "On Udine Tower Balcony" - My Domain Feb 1946.'

Oblique aerial views of the signal square and control tower at Udine airfield. Two C-47s can be seen on the hard standing. Airfield marking reads "LIGHT AIRCRAFT".
In the background, the 'caserma avieri', the 'Voisin' hangars, the main road, and the…

A view of the new roundabout from the Udine control tower. There is a Jeep, a mobile control caravan, two small trucks - one of which is afire engine -plus two tents. On the reverse: "Flying Control Roundabout" Udine. Feb 1946.'

Three airmen standing at the balcony of the Udine control tower.
There is a second view of the tower, the Pasian di Prato bell tower is visible in the distance. On the reverse 'My Domain'.
A third photograph is of a man standing on the balcony of…

Two photographs.
#1 Bill at his work station in the control tower with an ICAN altimeter on the table.
On the reverse 'Candid Shot'.
#2 is a duplicate. On the reverse 'Candid shot in the tower Udine Feb 1946'.

Additional information kindly…

An airfield control tower and caravan surrounded by white painted drums.
On the reverse 'The Tower & My Caravan Udine Feb 1946'.

#1 is five ground crew standing in front of two crash trucks.
#2 is 12 men and women from the SSQ staff.
#3 is 12 men and women in front of trucks, captioned 'Staff'.
#4 is a red and white control caravan.
#5 is an ambulance.
#6 is a Nissen hut…

Gives description of duties and work of R/T operators in flying control at RAF Waltham (Grimsby). Mentions taking notes of all transmissions, giving directional help to pilots and having to divert aircraft due to bad weather.

Untitled version of a poem about crews preparing for flight and taking off, watched by the station commander and off-duty WAAFs. Typewritten version with annotated handwritten revision notes.

Poem about crews preparing for flight and taking off watched by station commander and off duty WAAFs. Typewritten version with annotated revision notes.

Top left - distant view of airport terminal, Captioned 'Control, Mauripur airport, Karachi'.
Top right - in the foreground a single storey building with three two storey building behind. Captioned 'Officer's mess and quarters, Mauripur airport,…

Seven photographs all show the same event, a parade for VIPs on an airfield.
The first shows a party of servicemen with rifles escorting an event taking place in front of a tall flag pole. The event concerning some civilian VIPs, one in a top hat.…

Marion Clarke served as an mechanical transport driver during the Second World War, her main duties were on Bomber Command stations primarily driving crew buses. She talks about the conditions she experienced such as her accommodation, uniform, leave…

Top left - an airman wearing tunic and side cap standing by a doorway. Captioned 'Jock Ross, Calgary'.
Bottom right - an Oxford parked on airfield with fuel bowser in front. Behind left a control tower. Captioned 'Penhold, Oct 1942'.

Starts with a poem and then a series of stories which together form the memoirs of Harold Yeoman, an officer who served in Bomber Command during the war, initially as a pilot on Wellingtons and then as an Intelligence Officer. He relates his…

Three airmen at work in the tower, identified in the accompanying data as Tholthorpe.

Ken Hook head and shoulders, standing next to a Lincoln tail turret, a Lincoln tail in background. Control tower is also visible. The reverse captioned 'Steve in the turret.'

Two photographs of the inside of the control tower at North Luffenham.
Photo 1 has three airmen working with Henry holding a phone. On the reverse is 'N Luff'.
Photo 2 has Henry on a telephone with a second behind. On the reverse '1950s N.…

Four photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is a swimming pool at Saigon with airmen relaxing.
Photo 2 is a view from the veranda of the Transit hotel, Saigon.
Photo 3 is a view from the billets at Bangkok.
Photo 4 is the control tower at Bangkok.
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