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Describes a typical day in camp including: recovering from a party, dance in the sergeants' mess. Comments on his stage of training and writes of lectures in cold hut. Mentions girlfriend. Attempting to get 48-hour pass without luck. Includes printed…

Transcript of F Dunn's memoir describing life before and after joining the RAF. Includes induction and starting off in the RAF in England and then sea voyage to South Africa and then initial training in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Describes time at Hillside ITW camp, Bulawayo. Having to wait before starting aircrew training. Includes letter to sister and brother describing a typical day in camp. Describes local area and inhabitants as well as training activities, drill,…

Starts after arrival at Durban in South Africa. Describes time in Clairwood "rest camp", visiting Durban and Christmas and New Year celebrations. Long description of activities in Durban. Discusses South Africa and describes train journey to South…

Autographical account of life at the beginning of the war including service in ARP in Swindon. Reasons for volunteering for the RAF. Registered for military service in February 1941. Waiting for call-up. Induction at St John's Wood London and…

A group of airmen wearing tunics and side caps standing in line with grounded rifles. Other figures in the background as well as a wall, trees and a building. On the reverse 'The bull-shit boys going on guard in the dusk. Jenkins is on the right'.

Outline draft notes for memoir. Mentions posting, Grimsby, flying control, Lancaster, people, dances, parties, heartbreak, Americans, Heathcliff, removal of camp, posting to Swannington, Mosquito and more.

Thanks her for letter and postal order but asks her not to send any more money as he had a high rate of pay. Mentions military events of last year and describes Christmas in the desert which was a great success. Wonders when the war would end and…

Asks how she was doing after illness. Relates visiting Tel Aviv where he has an English lady friend. Mentions current weather.

Commences with call up and journey to Innsworth camp. Describes accommodation, activities and compatriots in detail. Continues with very detailed description of training and activities at Compton Bassett. After a farewell concert was posted to Bawtry…

Poem about an encounter with a policemen accompanied by a WAAF officer.

Two poems. The first about being Air Force GD (General Duties) and having job of cleaning floors and steps. The second about not envying WRENs.

Describes and evening out in Palestine including meeting prostitutes. Philosophises on Palestine being a wonderful country for broadening the mind. Mentions taking a dip before breakfast and leaving Tel Aviv by train back to Cairo. Mentions food…

Describes train journey through Egypt and Palestine/Transjordan. Detrains at Kantara (El Qantara) Mentions seeing Australians, Transjordan and Palestine police and that country is cleaner that Egypt. Leaves train at Lydda and describes activities…

Harold wearing flying helmet and oxygen mask in aircraft cockpit.

Describes posting to, journey to and arrival at Bawtry Hall. Goes on to describe accommodation and living conditions. Continues with description of duties including cleaning ablutions and lecture rooms. Goes on with description of life and…

Describes farewell concert at undisclosed location and closure of chapter of authors introduction to service life. Goes on to write of arrival at Bawtry Hall with friend Dorothy at new location with description of accommodation and cleaning…

Describes arrival at Cranwell in a cold December. Describes accommodation in detail. Goes on with mention of living conditions and description of camp and facilities. Continues with descriptions of daily activities, classrooms, instructors and…

From No 2 RAF rest and leave camp. For Sergeant Powell. Permission to visit Capri as member of an organised party.

Required to report for regular service in accordance with instructions. In the meantime would remain on the reserve with no pay or allownaces.

An airman at the Flight Engineer's station of a Halifax. This is a Merlin powered aircraft, the switches seen below the airman were not present on the Hercules engine variants.

An airman wearing flying helmet in the right hand seat of cockpit of a B-24.

Four story building on street corner in town. Sign above door 'The Malcolm Club RAF'. On the reverse 'Foggia'.

A lorry with a group of airmen in the back, travelling down a flooded road with camp buildings and tents on the left. Another lorry in the background further down the road. Oil drums floating in flood water. On the reverse '[...], Sept 7th 1945'.
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