Camp life, Italy



Camp life, Italy


1. An airman appears to be digging in a field. Behind him are several tents.
2. Two young men digging in a field. One is swinging a pick axe while the other is holding a spade. A tent is visible behind them.
3. A young man sitting in the sun in front of a windbreak, next to a tent. Towels are hanging to dry.
4. A young man crouching outside a tent. He is surrounded by a windbreak, washing and the paraphernalia of camping including jerry cans and a wooden box.
5. A young man sitting in the sun outside a tent with a windbreak behind him. Some washing is hanging to dry.
6. View of distant tents in a field. On the left the edge of a windbreak is visible.
7. A collection of tents pitched closely together. This photograph is captioned: 'SERGEANT MESS!! [sic].
8. A young man sitting in the sun outside a tent. Behind him is a windbreak and some towels on a washing line.
9. View over a field to a distant house and low buildings. Silhouetted in the middle ground to the right, is an unidentified structure.
10. A group of men on a busy beach. To the right is the sea and in the distance, some low hills.

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Ten b/w photographs on six album pages


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