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Describes new location in desolate Scotland and that it compares unfavourably with Eastbourne. Mentions Anson, Blackburn Botha, Defiants and Lysanders present. Describes journey to Scotland and few spare minutes in London. Disappointed at not going…

Writes of changes to leave and describes daily duty activities. Says no air raids recently but saw Me 109 at high level and resulting anti aircraft fire. Notes poor sleeping accommodation due to bomb damage. Noted recent newspaper article where…

Writes of measures after bombing attack for half course to go on leave and other, including his flight, to man gun post. Describes his very exposed gun post with Vickers machine gun and explains his duties. Mentions that they have fighter patrols…

Writes that he is still alive despite Lord Haw Haw's broadcast of German bombing attacks on Eastbourne. Mentions damage to nearby buildings. Describes attack by Me 109s including machine gunning and dropping bombs on railway station and nearby hotel.…

Writes about exams and passing. Mentions leave possibility and church parade. Speculates over embarkation and writes of being re-equipped. Writes of friends experience of air raid on Bath. Writes of witnessing a Me 109 attack on fishing boat and…

Writes of upcoming leave and final examinations on course including medical. Mentions air raid warning but no activity apart from circling enemy aircraft, also writes of Spitfire sweeps and formations of Bostons. Writes of social activities and…

Tells of meeting land girl on train while returning from leave. Writes of games afternoon, played golf. Writes of changes to plans for next leave. Notes very good weather.

Writes of journey from home to Eastbourne. Mentions mid course exams coming up that week and end of course exams in 3 or 4 weeks time. Says it was good to be home.

Describes difficulty of travel by train due to restrictions. Describes activities, and catches up with home news of family and friends..

Thanks her for parcel including cheese-cake. Describes afternoon ground school activity practice plotting raid on Saarbrucken in Stirlings. Detailed description of activity. Notes there will be a stiff medical exam at the end of the course, Mentions…

Complains of lack of letter from home. Writes that work now is harder than on previous pilots course and that they are currently struggling with sextant. Some of the work he had done before but it will get more advanced. Describes daily routine at…

Is exited to have received good news from home. Writes he is now at Eastbourne where he will be working hard for the next 6 or 7 weeks. Might get leave after exams. Has had invitations from friend in Brighton and tells story of paratroops who got…

He writes that he hasn’t received a letter from her for a while. He also writes that he is expecting to be posted to Eastbourne shortly with 120 others but this will mean he has to start work again. Writes about his social activities, the people he…

Begins with catching up with news from home. Mentions not much chance of leave but that he has had photograph taken of himself. Writes that Brighton is change from previous locations and describes activities. Continues with news of training…

Writes he has arrived in Brighton, but nobody knew what to do with them. They are hanging around waiting for posting and he wants one to A.O.N.S. Talks of meeting old pals and surprise at receiving a parcel from home.

Catches up with family news and discussing the christening of his nephew and whether he will be able to attend.

List of aircraft with aircraft letter, what happened to the aircraft, and some with hours or number of operations..

Addressed from Type 16 Beachy Head. Discusses sending traces of plots on squadrons tracks outbound and inbound on 12 February 1944.

Concerns a tracing of a night job done on behalf of squadron. Addressed from Type 16 Beachy Head.

Mentions he is still a little homesick and asks if they can come in 5 weeks. Writes of activities at school.

Writes of recent visit, matches and weather. Notes that exams start shortly.

Writes of school life in particular sports matches.

Writes of life at school and an upcoming inspection.

Writes from school that he is not homesick and of journey to school. Notes in PS that Donaldson Major is looking after him.
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