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An autobiography of Jim Taylor's time in the RAF before the war. He spent time training with Oliver Bell, who is recorded in the memoir.

Two newspaper cuttings with an explanation of the RAF's activities in Aden.

A flight of nine Vickers Vincents flying over Aden Harbour.

Large group of airmen arranged in six rows in front of a biplane. On the reverse '8(B) Squadron February 1937. eighth from left rear row.'

20 airmen arranged in four rows. Behind is a biplane. The front row are holding pith helmets. Oliver has a small cross on his left shoulder. On the reverse 'A Flight 8(B) Squadron February 1937 right hand side of rear row'.

Two photographs of a large group from a squadron arranged in six rows in front of a Vickers Vincent. The first image is cropped.
The second image is the full squadron with five individuals marked, 'No 8 Squadron, Aden, 1936/37 "Vickers Vincent".…

The menu for dinner at Aden in 1933. On the reverse are some signatures.

Flying log book for Oliver Bell covering the period from 18th January 1935 to 30th September 1938. He was at RAF Cranwell and then posted to Aden and the Middle East with 12(B) and 8(B) Squadrons. Aircraft flown were Hart, Vincent and Wellesley.

Walter Stevenson lived in a village where the only employment was at the local mine. He was working as a blacksmith there when he volunteered for the RAF on his eighteenth birthday. Walter trained as a wireless operator/air gunner with Coastal…

Service history of U852 depth-charged by Royal Air Force aircraft of 8 and 621 Squadron, driven ashore and scuttled south east of Socotra. History of Heinz-Wilhelm Ech, the captain, and records vessels sunk by the submarine.
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