Thomas Kimberley's observer's and air gunner's flying log book



Thomas Kimberley's observer's and air gunner's flying log book


Observer's and air gunner's flying log book for Thomas Kimberley covering the period 5 March 1943 to 25 September 1945. Details his training and operational duties. He flew 35 operations, 20 night time and 15 daylight, as cameraman / air gunner with 9, 88, 101, 320, 463, 467 and 617 Squadrons. He was stationed at RAF Pembrey (1 AGS), RAF Swanton Morley (88 and 180 Squadrons), RAF Ludford Magna (101 Squadron), RAF Hartford Bridge (88 Squadron), RAF Lasham (320 [Dutch] Squadron), RAF Waddington (463/467 RAAF Squadrons), RAF Bardney (9 Squadron), RAF Woodhall Spa (617 Squadron), RAF Fulbeck and Syerston (Bomber Command Film Flight Unit) and Soviet Air Force Yagodnik (617 Squadron). Aircraft flown in were Blenheim, Mitchell, Boston, Lancaster, Oxford, Anson and Mosquito. Targets, in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Norway were the power station at Grand-Quevilly, Hamburg, Remscheid, Milan, München-Gladbach, Rheydt, Berlin, Pas de Calais as part of Operation Starkey, Brest, Audingham, Madgeburg, Limoges, aircraft factory Lyon, Essen, Sable-sur- Sarthe, Paris, Poitiers, troop concentrations at Aunay-Sur-Odon, ammunition dump at Chattelerauld, Gelsenkirchen, marshalling yard Vitry-Eau- Francois, bomb storage depot Creil, Caen, bomb storage depot Thiverny, St. Cyr, marshalling yard Loigny, Laroche, German troop concentration at Sequeville, Quesnay, night fighter airfield at Gilze, Rijen and an oil storage plant at La Pallice. Tommie also took part in Operation Exodus to Brussels and Rheine and on U-boat convoy escort. Pilots on operations were Flight Officer Riseley, Flight Lieutenant Hull, Flight Lieutenant Mackay, Flight Sergeant Fawcett. Flight Lieutenant Pushman, Sergeant Laamens, Lieutenant Commander Breedveld, Second Lieutenant Manschot, Flight Officer Durston, Wing Commander Cheshire DSO, DFC, Flight Lieutenant Marshall, Wing Commander Tait DSO, DFC, Wing Commander Petty, Wing Commander Kingsford-Smith DSO, DFC, Flight Lieutenant Schultz, Flight Lieutenant Merrill DFC, Flight Lieutenant Buckham, Flying Officer Anthony Bowen Loftus Tottenham (418209), Flight Lieutenant Skelton DFC. This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.



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