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Leading Aircraftman Harold Gorton writes to his sister-in-law to be about arrangements for his wedding to Lilian Morgan.

35 Squadron was formed in 1916 and reformed in 1929. By 1939 it was a training unit, equipped with a mix of Battles, Ansons and Blenheims. In November 1940 it was reformed as part of 4 Group at RAF Linton on Ouse flying Halifaxes. In August 1942 the…

Royal Canadian Air Force flying log book for aircrew other than pilot of Flight Lieutenant Roger Calvert from 25 March 1943 to 6 July 1945. Detailing training and operations flown. Served at RAF Cranfield, RAF Great Massingham, RAF Ouston, RAF…

Group portrait of 46 aircrew members of 31 Course 51 Operational Training Unit RAF Cranfield. Front row sitting with four further rows standing behind. All personnel are dressed in tunic or battledress with peaked or side caps. In the background a…
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