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Discusses her father’s designs work and remembers both skipping stones on a river during holidays with her father and catapulting marbles over a washtub in their garden. She goes on to discuss the Eder Möhne and Sorpe operation, the bouncing bomb…

Roy Chadwick stranding wearing suit and holding a pencil. In the foreground the model of a four engine passenger aircraft. On the reverse 'Only copy, (this photograph has been taken from a film (home movie) clip, around 1946). Roy Chadwick in the…

Head and shoulders portrait of Roy Chadwick wearing suit, shirt and tie. Captioned 'To my dear Rosemary with love from Daddy'.

Mary Chadwick on the left wearing light coat, Roy Chadwick on the right wearing pullover, shirt and tie with foot on running board of car. In the background stone house with window. On the reverse 'Roy and Mary Chadwick, 1930's'.

Roy Chadwick wearing jacket and tie putting something in his mouth. In the background bushes. On the reverse '1925, to mouths'.

On 23 August 1947 near Adlington, death of Roy Chadwick in aircraft crash.

Head and shoulders photograph of Roy Chadwick wearing jacket and tie. Printed details that he was chief designer at Avros for over 20 years and mentioning two aircraft, Avro 504 and Anson, which were built in greater numbers than any other type.

Wedding certificate for Roy Chadwick and Mary Gomersall at Urmston Parish Church on 8 October 1921.

Certificate certifying birth of Roy Chadwick on 30 April 1893 was entered at No 429 of registry book

Roy Chadwick born On 30 April 1893 in Widnes. Includes other family details.

Congratulates Roy Chadwick for recognition in recent honours list.

From County high school for girls. Congratulates Roy Chadwick on being honoured by the King for his work as aircraft designer. Proud of having a 'father' who had done service to country.

Western Union cablegram from Toronto announcing ' Arrived Tuesday am well love, Roy Chadwick'.

Three men wearing jacket and tie and three women wearing overcoats and hats, standing in front of a biplane. In the background hangars and other people. On the reverse 'Lympne 1925, Roy, Col: The Master of Sempill, Mrs Semphill, Mary, Mrs Hinkler, Mr…

Roy Chadwick in suit standing by landing gear of an Avro Aldershot

Three men, Roy Chadwick on the left in dark overcoat and hat, middle in flying gear, the right in suit standing in front of an Avro Tutor registration K.123[.].

Order of service for funeral of Roy Chadwick, Sydney Thorn and David Wilson on 27 August 1947.

Addressed to Roy Chadwick at A.V.Roe on Vickers-Armstrong headed paper. Thanks Chadwick for existence of Lancaster and his support at a meeting in C.R.D's office on 26 January without which the dams raid would not have happened. States is was one of…

From press officer. Writes that a copy of approved radio script being sent. Continues that copy has been sent to other official to see if there are any points to which exception is taken. Concludes with thanks for help in rubber salvage campaign.

Writes he thinks she will have done well in exams and says don'y worry about essay. Encourages her not to worry about exams next week. On the front artwork of a boy and a girl in a red car. Titled 'Expect us when you see us'.

Writes they are thinking of her and stockings being sent. and hopes lack of have not caused her catching a chill. Discusses family activity and news.

Asks after Rosemary and hopes she is having happy enjoyable time. Looking forward to having her home again. On the front artwork of a boy giving a diamond ring to a girl and a dog. Title 'Ain't life grand?'.

Looking forward to seeing her at weekend and requesting train arrival time. Glad school is going well and that measles epidemic is subsiding. Talks of photographs and pullets but no special news.

Glad that oral exams went alright and offering advice on taking examinations. Asks if extra tuition and talks on other school activities. Catches up on family news and events, jam and sweets being sent tomorrow. Planning to drive over on Sunday and…

Addresses to the Wells House Malvern Wells thanking her for letter and adding family news. On the front artwork illustrating the poem Ride a cock-horse to Banbury Cross.
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