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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "England--Skegness"

List of 33 operations between 7 December 1941 and 16 November 1942. For each operation states target, crew, and some detailed comments.

A planning log used for a practice operation on Skegness. The map shows a route from near Grantham, South East to near Cambridge, East over Orfordness to a point off the coast of Holland then north east to a point off the Freisan Islands then back to…

Uncovered fuselage frames resting on a carpenters workhorse. Part of engine mounted is visible on the right. On the reverse 'Cadet 631, 135 hp A5 [....], Registered Oct/31, G-ABRS, Skegness 1st May/32, Avro Cadet 1932'.

List of aircraft with aircraft letter, what happened to the aircraft, and some with hours or number of operations..

He writes about an operation to St Nazaire he was on the previous night and due to the weather 16 Lancaster’s had to land at RAF Pershore. He hopes his boys are feeling better and he wants to go to Skegness on his next day off. This was Ian…

Offering sympathy on news that her husband is missing. Hopes he is safe. Catches up with family and friends news.

Margaret Givens grew up in Coventry and witnessed the bombing of the city. She and other children sat on the bricks of the destroyed cathedral to attend a service. Her house was bombed and while she and her brother was staying with her grandmother…

Percival Robert Court joined the Air Training Corps in March 1941, volunteering for the Royal Air Force at the earliest age of seventeen and a half. Training at RAF Cardington, he became a flight mechanic. He then moved to Skegness to continue into…

Raymond Barnes worked in factories before he joined the RAF. He trained as an engine fitter. He was posted to the Mediterranean, the Middle East and the Far East. He was servicing Spitfires for 242 Squadron and then Dakotas for 267 Squadron. He was…

Jane Waterhouse (later Carrington) marching past at least one saluting officer whilst playing a drum. On the reverse 'Skegness 1944?'.
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