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Official (Canadian) booklet on meteorology. Covers and table of contents only.
1st image: Front cover. Annotated by hand: 'Sgt GL Royall' and 'Sgt Hardy JC. R103813'
2nd image: Title page.
3rd image: Table of contents.
4th image: Back cover…

Second part of a training booklet containing notes for students. The following chapters are included:
XII. RAF Meteorological Service
XIII. Flight weather reports and forecasts
XIV. Routine forecasts and warnings
XV. The basis of…

First part of a training booklet. The following chapters are included:
I. Introduction: Meteorology and Air crews
II. Atmosphere, pressure and temperature
III. Wind
IV. Cloud and fog
V. Weather
VI. Clouds
VII. Visibility
VIII. Wind

Geoffrey Robinson's recollection of an operation to bomb Bonn in December 1944.

Roy was born in Northampton and was evacuated from Becontree in London to Weston-super-Mare. He gained his degree from Queen Mary College, London, which was evacuated to Cambridge.

After the Air Training Corps, Roy was called up to be a…

A large group of RAF personnel including members of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force sitting and standing in three rows with a building in the background. Titled 'Duty Staff of: Flying Control, Crash Tender and Ambulance and Met office RAF Breighton'.…

An extremely detailed account of the No 51 Squadron briefing for the operation to Essen on 28/29 November 1944 by Henry. It includes all the specialist officers as well as the Station Commander's brief. It also includes Henry's crew, Station and…

Photos 1 and 2 are groups of airmen and WAAFs drinking, captioned '149 Squadron RAF Methwold. Officer's Mess Party. Centre. The Station Meteorological Officer F/O Misty Case under the weather'.

A weather report issued by the Meteorological Office (undated).

An instruction sheet for pilots to assist in reporting the weather.

Completed for a flight between Calato and Almaza in Egypt.

Observed weather during a cross country flight (training?).

Forms produced by the British and Canadian Meteorological Offices for reporting inflight weather.

A detailed account of weather and its effects on flying.

Typewritten F2330 for operation, captioned (handwritten) 'Weather route to Stettin 5 - 6th Jan '44'. in remarks on form 'Stettin - airborne 23.50 hrs Duration 9 hrs 20 mins'.

Sheila Wilmet grew up in Liverpool and was fifteen when war was declared. She describes the devastation of bombing in 1941, spending nights in an Anderson shelter, and navigating unexploded bombs during her commute. She volunteered after viewing a…

A meteorological report for a route from Tunis to Maison B.

Edward Cayhill was the eldest of eight children and with his father’s encouragement was hoping to go to university. His father died in 1938 which meant that the university dream was cancelled and Edward went to work as a Civil Servant in the…
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