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Cutting records the visit of Lettice Curtis to Pocklington, a member of the ATA , who delivered Halifax aircraft to Pocklington. cutting records that Flight Lieutenant Peter Thirsk flew 29 operations on the Halifax attended.

Marion Clark grew up in Lincolnshire and served as driver at RAF Hemswell and RAF Ingham. She discusses her role as a driver and life on a bomber station.

Starts with a poem and then a series of stories which together form the memoirs of Harold Yeoman, an officer who served in Bomber Command during the war, initially as a pilot on Wellingtons and then as an Intelligence Officer. He relates his…

Ken changed from the Merchant Navy to the Royal Air Force. He became a flight mechanic but after night school, decided to apply for aircrew. Ken went to the Air Crew Receiving Centre at St John’s Wood. He proceeded to No 4 Initial Training Wing at…

Mary Wilkins Ellis was born in Oxfordshire and became interested in aviation at a very early age. She experienced her first flight with Alan Cobham’s Flying Circus. Mary learned to fly while still at school and obtained her licence in 1938. When…
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