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Harold Jack Lazenby's autobiography.

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Eight airmen seated in a tent. Information supplied with the collection states 158 squadron, Lissett, Johnny Johnson crew.
There is a second copy with details on the reverse of each man, his crew position and his address.

A newspaper article describing an attack on Nuremberg. It is annotated 'No 9 27/8 1943'.

Discusses life on the home front, the bombing of Hull, and her training and service in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force at RAF Driffield.

Three aircrew all wearing battledress lying on grass with hut in the background. On left a flying officer with peaked cap. To the right two sergeants, one on the right wears side cap and has Canada shoulder flash. On the reverse 'Left to right, Croft…

During operation to Ludwigshaven. Gives account of rear gunner Flight Sergeant P Perehinski (of Vancouver) continuing to give evasive action to pilot despite being wounded. Also mentions lucky escape of George Bilton where a prayer book and…

Day by day description of events and activities for 1941 and 1942. Records films seen, war news including RAF operations, football matches played, weather, going to cadets, air raids, dates with Mary, social events, meeting friends, fire watching…

Day by day description of activities for 1940. Mentions sport, air battles and air raids, war news, weather, social life, RAF and navy operations. going to cadets, films seen, Morse and navigation lessons, battle of France, playing football and…

Informs him that no further information about the reported death of his son had been received and in view of report from red cross as well as lapse in time, it was now presumed that his son had lost his life on 15 March 1944.

Conveying Lord Chancellor's departments sympathy and hope that favourable news would soon be forthcoming.

Informs him that his son who has been missing since night 15/16 March 1944 had been appointed to a commission in the RAF in the rank of pilot officer.

Top - photograph of grave with white cross with name 'P.O M Adder RAF, 15.3.44'. Surrounded by similar crosses with trees in the background.
Bottom - telegram to Mervyn Adder's father informing him that his son was missing as a result of air…

Top - head and shoulders portrait of a woman wearing dress and necklace. Captioned 'Mervyn's finaceé [sic], Mary Bootyman, later Pearce. She married but often wore Mervyn's ring.
Bottom - newspaper cutting announcing engagement between Mary and…

Letter and explanatory note. Writes of arriving at home and missing seeing his brother due to travel difficulties. Describes quiet evening with Mary and Sunday dinner. Comments of difficult journey back to base and finding out exam results on his…

Letter and accompanying explanatory text. Writes he is still waiting for his call up papers. Describes events when girl friend came over including a dance and supper before dropping her off at her uncles where she was staying. Asks after Joan.…

Letter and accompanying explanatory text. Sorry to hear that Alex had been grounded and asked about his future. Catches up with news of a number of friends as well as sister Edith and other family members. Mentions his social life and meeting girl…

Written to his brother who was pilot training in Canada. Asks after Joan and mentions recent activities in Scunthorpe. Mentions he is now in the RAF and describes initial activities and train journey and meeting someone who had missed their…

Twelve boys in football kit sitting and standing in two rows with wooden building in background. Captioned 'Mervyn Adder (front row. extreme right) in a Hull Grammar School football team c1934. The boy on the front row, second left is Bob Baxter a…


Group of twenty-one schoolboys with cups and shields prizes. Standing and sitting in five rows. Explanatory text on the right states photograph taken in 1936 of Hull grammar school prizegiving. Mervyn Adder was second row from the front, third from…

Group of twenty-one schoolboys with cups and shields prizes. Standing and sitting in five rows. Captioned 'Hull Grammar School prizegiving c1936. Mervyn is on the second row from the bottom above the small medal. Dad could remember the dark-haired…

School badge for Hull grammar school junior.

Reports from Kingston upon Hull Grammar School from autumn term 1934 to spring term 1939.

Confirms information in telegram in which he was notified that his son had lost his life as a result of air operations on 15 March 1944. Information was from official German sources.
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