Letter from Mervyn Adder to his brother Alex



Letter from Mervyn Adder to his brother Alex


Letter and accompanying explanatory text. Writes he is still waiting for his call up papers. Describes events when girl friend came over including a dance and supper before dropping her off at her uncles where she was staying. Asks after Joan. Comments on his work and correspondence. Mentions playing soccer and catches up with news of friends.




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Four page handwritten letter and printed explanatory note


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153, Albert Ave.
Anlaby Rd.,


Dear Alex,

I am sorry it has taken me all this time to write to you, and now that I am writing, that it should be in pencil anyhow. I am sure you won’t mind and let’s get on with the gen.

I expect to get my papers on Thursday, as a boy who went to Cardington a week before I did received his last week, and wish you could come over for the weekend, however it wouldn’t be worth it unless you had seven days leave, and I guess Mary will be coming over.

Mary came over the weekend after you had gone back and she was sorry you had gone back as she would have liked to have seen you. She should have arrived early on [inserted] the [/inserted] Saturday afternoon, instead I received a telegram to say she had missed the connection and wouldn’t arrive until 6.30, which was a blow as we intended going to the dance at the Bev. Rd Baths. She eventually arrived

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at 7.15, the train being late, and we dashed to her uncles where she was staying the night and which was right up near East Park where she had to change, press her dress etc etc, you know what these women are. Anyhow we rolled up at the dance just before the interval, which was about 8.45, so I think we did very well, and had about an hour of dancing which we enjoyed very much. We took a taxi back to where she was staying, where we had supper and talked until midnight, when I set off to walk home, - some walk it took me an hour an [sic] a quarter from East Park, although Mary’s father wanted me to stay the night – but you know what the folks are, [deleted] and [/deleted] they would have wondered if we had eloped. Sunday seemed very short and uneventful as she had to go back in the afternoon.

How is Joan? – Remember me to her when you write next – does she write often?

We are doing sweet Fanny Adams at work now and I can tell you I am dashed sick of trying to fit an hour’s work into a whole day. We still leave early, in fact when I am cycling I can get home by half past four, I can understand that you must be bored of the board – and do hope you will soon hear something.

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I have almost brought my correspondence, which takes up a lot of my spare time – and office time, up to date, it was a damned nuisance them all decided to write together the other week when I received five letters in four days. I was surprised to receive a letter from my American correspondent, Marian Morse, last week and hope to have a photograph to show you soon as she said she would have one taken to send me the next time she wrote. I am very interested to know what she looks like as if I am sent to Canada or America I might be able to look her up – who knows. You were right – she has some connection with the inventor of Morse in fact she is the great great great [inserted] one two three – I think that’s right) [/inserted] grandaughter of the old chap himself. She is still at school and hopes to graduate this year – the kid wants to be a nurse and then perhaps an airplane hostess (I am thinking she is a good looker if she want to be one of those) although I believe her people want her to go to college for a couple of years.

Played soccer in thick snow on Saturday and have now got a stinker of a cold, although it was fairly bad on Friday, I am hoping it will be better by Friday, as I want to go to the dance at the Bev Rd Baths. It’s the last week for dancing there this week

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and they are having a late dance on Saturday that’s why I am hoping I shall get my papers as Mary will then come over.

Trev. Russell is home on leave, he is going dancing with me on Wednesday, and he has been waiting at Newquay for a month after passing the I.T.W, although he expects being moved when he goes back. Les Frodin was injured at soccer, I believe he put his knee out and ruptured a ligament. (I don’t know whether that’s right – anyhow he made a mess of his leg) about a month ago and had to be wheeled about in a chair for quite a while, in fact he still has it in plaster. Trev and the other boy from Hull who have been with Frod right up to now were given permission to wait for him, however they are now having to go with the next batch.

Louis had finished his training and has now been posted to a ship H.M.S. London.

I don’t think there is anything else to tell you at the moment so cheerio for the present.

[underlined] Mervyn [/underlined]

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8 March 1942

19-year-old Mervyn is already very keen on Mary by this time and describes a weekend spent with her the previous month. Her uncle lived down Telford Street in East Hull. The dance he mentions took place on 7 February 1942. Interesting that he preferred to walk home taking one hour and a quarter rather than incur the wrath of his parents. He refers to Les Frodin injuring himself playing football. Les went on to marry Edith’s lifelong friend Peggy Empleman. What I like best about this letter is a little footnote on the reverse which Mervyn had entitled ‘Flash.’ Mother says that this letter will keep you in all night and save your money?’ Dad was note very good at either staying in or saving money during the war.



M Adder, “Letter from Mervyn Adder to his brother Alex,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed November 30, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/33240.

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