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Interview in three parts.

Part 1.
Doug Marsh was the son of a Royal Navy officer and moved around quite a bit as a child between Kent and Lincolnshire. When his father retired from the Navy his parents bought a fish and chip shop in Grimsby but…

LH page target photograph, rural area, some explosions visible, captioned '4B. 3637? EWS 6/7.6.44 ? 5000 ? 130 degrees. ? Vire(Eastern? 18x500. Disco. F/O Josey. 103' Handwritten caption '"Bombs Gone" photograph - taken on D night by means of a…

LH page has a Lancaster airborne over the end of a runway captioned 'The Lancaster Mike Squared gets airborne again'.
RH page more tourist photographs of Cape Town page captioned 'Cape Town March 43'

The photograph shows Group Captain Sheen painting the DSO after the aircraft completed 125 operations. Captioned 'Old Mike Squared - believed to have done more ops than any other aircraft in Bomber Command with 139 operational flights to its credit. …

The letter asks if they have heard from Frank, who is on his way to Capetown.

A view across housing to Table mountain.
On the reverse is handwritten ' "Table Mountain Cape Town'.

Article concerning shoe manufacturer for survey of African continent. Annotated 'Our morning paper, Monday 16/11/47'.

Catches up with latest mail sent/received. Mentions that he has sent food parcels to them. Says he will hand onto photographs rather than risking losing them in the mail. Comments on his satisfactory financial situation.


Writes from Cape Town apologising for missed mail and says that he will miss his weekend visits to the local family he frequented in his previous location. Hopes they are enjoying summer weather and asks for latest family news. Mentions his plans for…

Story of adventure on a troopship ship and not being allowed ashore but then jumping ship.

A detailed Biography of Reg' service and post service life.

Four air force officers wearing tunic, two with pilot's brevet and two with half brevet sitting sitting in line with two women wearing dresses between them. In the background a building with bay window. On the reverse 'Cape Town, South Africa, early…

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Blurred view of harbour with small boat centre and a ship on left. On the reverse 'Capetown [sic] harbour Dec 45'.
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On the front a 'V' with British and combined allied flag, Morse code 'V' and 'Victory Greetings'. On the reverse a head and shoulders portrait of a man and a woman.

Writes she had had no letter from him since 24 June. Comments on how long war might go on. Wonders how he is and what weather is like. Writes that they were having a nice holiday in Cape Town and catches up with family news and talks about their…

First captioned 'In the mountains behind Cape Town'.
Second showing an individual standing on a cliff edge, captioned 'Drop off 800' behind, baboons in forest below, mountains behind ''Retreat' Camp cape peninsula'.
Third captioned 'Somewhere in…

First captioned 'From Table Mountain Cape town'.
Second captioned 'Mountain behind camp 3,800''.
Third captioned ' From Table Mountain'.
Fourth 'Camps Bay from Table Mountain'.
Fifth of two individuals in uniform standing in long grass,…

Album page, photograph of Cape Town from above, cables in foreground, captioned 'Cape Town from the Cableway', two leaves taped to page, annotated 'Silver Leaves from Table Mountain'.

Photograph with beach and the sea in foreground, Table Mountain in the background, captioned 'Table Mountain Cape'.

Photograph, cattle in foreground with lake and Table Mountain in background, captioned 'Table Mountain from Milnerton, Capetown'.
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