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A memoir of an operation involving Len Curtis and his crew members. During the operation his aircraft was shot down and Len was captured. However, he was liberated by American soldiers and returned to London six weeks later.

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Article including b/w photograph of damage to E-boat pens. Explains that successful result with low allied casualties at le Havre was result of good coordination between the RAF and the army. Describes elements of coordination.

Details of navigator, date, orders, route and page and half en-route navigation observations. Annotated in red and black pen 'Bombed 4 mins early. Good nav but not much effort made to keep to time. S/C 4 mins early [signature]' 'See me re plotting…

Map showing east England and northern France with pencilled route from Lincoln area to Le Havre. Annotated top 'Op No 12, 14/6/44'.

Extracts from the operational log book of Alan Gibson covering his tour of 31 operations on 166 Squadron.

His pilot on his first operation was Flight Sergeant Burnett. Pilot Officer Allen also flew on one operation with him.
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