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Transcription of day by day account of activities from 19 April 1942 to 3 October 1942. Commences with photograph of Squadron in front of Halifax and of pilots on training course (Pattisson top left), Records daily activities, casualties, losses of…

Front quarter view of a Halifax parked on taxiway. Captioned 'Halifax G. R. Mk II, Merlin, April 1945'. Submitted with caption 'JD376'.

Log book covering the period of service on 78 Squadron at RAF Breighton from September 1943 to June 1944 flying Halifaxes. A total of 31 night time operations were flown. Targets were Hannover, Bochum, Kassel, Dusseldorf, Mannheim, Leipzig,…

Six ground crew wearing battledress with jerkins and side cap standing in line behind the rear turret of a bomber. On the reverse 'Cpl Rowe: Polly Perkins, Les Fellows, "Jonah" Jones, henry Wilkins, Cpl name unknown. Ground crew of Halifax II U-Uncle…

Air-to air view of a Halifax with open countryside below and scattered clouds. Rear port fin and tail plane of aircraft from which photograph was taken visible on the left side. On the reverse 'Halifax II, Handley Page Halifax II series IA, stamp for…

Air-to-air rear quarter view from slightly above of a Halifax letters 'EY-E' Below is open countryside and clouds behind. On the reverse 'Note top left - Spotter Hybrentilly April 6 1944, Handley Page Halifax II series, details of official crown…

Rear quarter view of a Halifax with wheels just above the ground. In the background a Hangar, woods and buildings. On the reverse 'Halifax II, 1942-43 and copyright notice for Fox photos Ltd, London, reference number 281018'. Two versions of the same…

Covers all postings in service including training in England and the United States and operations on 158 Squadron flying Halifax after which he was a pilot instructor.

R G Wells Flight Engineer’s Flying Log Book covering the period 16 April 1944 to 30 September 1944. Detailing his flying training and operations flown as flight engineer. He was stationed at RAF Riccall (1658 HCU), RAF Lisset (158 Squadron) and RAF…

Pilots flying log book for James A Penny, covering the period from 10 November 1941 to 23 November 1943 when he was shot down over Berlin. He was stationed at AAC Souther Field, RCAF North Battleford, RAF Shawbury, RAF Sleap, RAF Blyton, RAF Upwood…

Seven Halifax with one on the left and the other six on the right lined up either side of runway with personnel in front of each. Submitted with description 'Photo of seven 35 Sqn Halifaxes lined up on runway with their crews for inspection. Location…

Pilots flying log book for W M Ballantyne, covering the period from 3 March 1942 to 18 July 1945. Detailing his flying training, Duties with 267 transport squadron, operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at SAAF Wonderboom, SAAF…

Records an incident to Squadron Leader Debenham's crew, Ronald Carpenter was the Bomb Aimer, flying 10 Squadron Halifax DT546 on 13/14 October 1942, when the aircraft was damaged by anti-aircraft fire and the flight engineer injured. It includes a…

Has recommendation from his Squadron Commander, his Station Commander and the No 4 Group Air Officer Commanding. Was gazetted on 14 September 1943.

Gives details of Ronald's service. Was initially trained as a Wireless operator but remustered to Air Bomber in June 1942. He did his first tour on No 10 Squadron flying in the Halifax from RAF Melbourne and was awarded the DFM. He was commissioned…

10 Squadron crew boarding their Halifax.

Lists squadron, aircraft type and serial number, reason for loss if known, number killed and number survived. Consists of 19 crews from 13 squadrons with 6 Lancaster and 13 Halifax.

A detailed Biography of Reg' service and post service life.

Three aerial photographs and two silhouettes. On the reverse 'Halifax II'.
#1 is a rear/starboard side aerial photograph.
#2 is a port side silhouette.
#3 is a port side aerial photograph.
#4 is a port/under aerial photograph.
#5 is an underside…
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