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Donald Briggs served as a flight engineer with 156 Squadron Pathfinders flying Lancasters from RAF Upwood between 27 May 1944 and 31 March 1945. The incomplete log book includes 62 daylight and night time operations to French, German, Dutch and…

Target photograph of Prouville. Photograph partially obscured by smoke and light streaks. Captioned '5F', '7B', '1115 SKELL.24/25.6.44//NT.8" 9500' [arrow] 280° 0035 PROUVILLE.RD.B.2X1000.14X500.21secs. P/O PETHICK.B.50.

Lists crews and aircraft for operations on night 23/24 June 1944.

Shows two bomb loads with one crossed out and the other indicated for all aircraft. Details spacing, false height and preselection settings as well as Window, weights, timings, route and heights. At the bottom target latitude and longitude. On the…

Lists crews and aircraft for operations on night 24/25 June 1944. One member of each crew is underlines and ticked. Includes two standby crews and duty personnel.

Her brother-in-law William Mollison Walton, after training to be a pilot in Canada, was based at RAF Swinderby with 97 Squadron. In 1944 his aircraft was attacked and he baled out. He spent two days on a small island where he buried his parachute,…

States that the next constructional works target was at Wizernes three or four miles south of St Omer. Reports two abortive sorties due to weather on 20th and 22nd June. Favourable weather forecast for 24 June. Two Mosquitos and 16 Lancasters took…

Date 24 June 1944, target, zero hour 1750 hours. Lists leader and marker no 2 crews in Mosquito and sixteen crews in Lancaster all armed with Tallboy bombs.

Sequence of six target photographs taken from the same aircraft at intervals during drop of tallboy. In the first image the bomb is visible in the bottom left quadrant, slightly further to the right in the second and in the third. The town bottom…

Sequence of two target photographs taken at intervals from the same aircraft. Shows open countryside with fields. In the centre of first image is an area with a large number of craters. This area is on the left in the second image. Caption 'sequence…

Sequence of two target photographs taken at intervals from the same aircraft. Showing open countryside with fields. The is an area with large number of craters just left of centre of first image which moves to upper left in the second. Caption…
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