Crew list for Wizernes operation



Crew list for Wizernes operation


Date 24 June 1944, target, zero hour 1750 hours. Lists leader and marker no 2 crews in Mosquito and sixteen crews in Lancaster all armed with Tallboy bombs.


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Temporal Coverage


[underlined] DATE [/underlined]: 24th. JUNE 1944.

[underlined] TARGET [/underlined]: CONSTUCTIONAL WORKS, WIZERNES.

[underlined] ZERO HOUR [/underlined]: 1750 HOURS.

[underlined] CREWS [/underlined]:

[underlined] LEADER & MARKER NO.1 [/underlined]]: W/Cdr. Cheshire [underlined] A/C. Letter [/underlined]: Mos ‘N’
Navigator: F/O. Kelly
[underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined]:
4 Smoke Bombs
2 Red Spot Fires.

[underlined] MARKER NO.2 [/underlined]: F/L. Fawke. [underlined] A/C. Letter [/underlined]: Mos. ‘Q’
Navigator: F/O. Bennett
[underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined]:
4 Smoke Bombs
2 Red Spot Fires.

[underlined] DEPUTY LEADER [/underlined]: S/Ldr. Munro. [underlined] A/C. Letter [/underlined]: ‘W’
F/Ebgineer [sic]: F/S. Appleby.
Navigator: F/L Rumbles. [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined]: 1 ‘Tallboy’
W/Operator: F/O. Pigeon.
A/G. M.U.: P/O. Howarth.
Air Bomber: F/L. Astbury.
A/G. Rear: F/O. Weeks.

[underlined] CAPTAIN [/underlined]: S/Ldr. McCarthy. [underlined] A/C. Letter [/underlined]: ‘Y’
F/Engineer: F/O. Radcliffe.
Navigator: F/O. MacLean. [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined]: 1 ‘Tallboy’
W/Operator: W/O. Eaton.
A/G. M.U.: W/O. Batson.
Air Bomber: F/O. Daniel.
A/G. Rear: F/L. Rodger.
Front Gunner: P/O. Heggie.

[page break]

[underlined] CREWS [/underlined]:

[underlined] CAPTAIN [/underlined]: F/L. Wilson. [underlined] A/C. Letter [/underlined]: ‘N’
F/Engineer: F/S. Cherrington.
Navigator: F/O. Stott. [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined]: 1 ‘Tallboy’
W/Operator: F/O. Allen.
A/G. M.U.: F/S. Vaughn.
Air Bomber: F/O. Finlay.
A/G. Rear: F/L. Chandler.

[underlined] CAPTAIN [/underlined]: F/L. Poore. [underlined] A/C. Letter [/underlined]: ‘O’
Navigator: F/O. Roberts.
F/Engineer: F/S. Johnson. [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined]: 1 ‘Tallboy’
W/Operator: F/S. Thompson.
A/G. M.U.: F/S. Tookey.
Air Bomber: F/O. Elsey.
A/G. Rear: F/S. Castleman.
[underlined] CAPTAIN [/underlined]: F/L. Clayton. [underlined] A/C. Letter [/underlined]: ‘H’
F/Engineer: F/O. Hill.
Navigator: F/O. Buttle. [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined]: 1 ‘Tallboy’
W/Operator: F/O. Chalmers.
A/G. M.U.: F/S. Sharp.
Air Bomber: F/O. Watson.
A/G. Rear: F/S. Hume.

[underlined] CAPTAIN [/underlined]: F/L. Williams. [underlined] A/C. Letter [/underlined]: ‘B’
F/Engineer: Sgt. Soilleux.
Navigator: F/O. Talbot. [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined]: 1 ‘Tallboy’
W/Operator: F/S. Potter.
A/G. M.U.: F/S. Blagdon.
Air Bomber: F/O. Walker.
A/G. Rear: Sgt. Mathews.
Front Gunner: Sgt. Craig.

[underlined] CAPTAIN [/underlined]: F/L. Edwards. [underlined] A/C. Letter [/underlined]: ‘C’
F/Engineer: F/O. King.
Navigator: F/O. Pritchard. [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined]: 1 ‘Tallboy’
W/Operator: F/S. Hobbs.
A/G. M.U.: P/O. Johnston.
Air Bomber: F/S. Brook.
A/G. Rear: F/S. Isherwood.
Front Gunner: F/S. Price.

[page break]

[underlined] CAPTAIN [/underlined]: F/L. Howard. [underlined] A/C. Letter [/underlined]: ‘D’
F/Engineer: Sgt. Hawkins.
Navigator: F/O. MacDonald. [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined]: 1 ‘Tallboy’
W/Operator: F/S. Lucan.
A/G. M.U.: W/O. Woods.
Air Bomber: F/S. Hartley.
A/G. Rear: F/S. Clarke.

[underlined] CAPTAIN [/underlined]: F/O. Ross. [underlined] A/C. Letter [/underlined]: ‘R’
F/Engineer: F/O. Girling.
Navigator: F/O. Davies. [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined]: 1 ‘Tallboy’
W/Operator: F/S. Hickson.
A/G. M.U.: F/O. Platt.
Air Bomber: W/O. McClellan.
A/G. Rear: F/O. Tuxford.

[underlined] CAPTAIN [/underlined]: F/O. KNIGHTS. [underlined] A/C. Letter [/underlined]: ‘A’
F/Engineer: P/O. Twells.
Navigator: F/O. Rhude. [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined]: 1 ‘Tallboy’
W/Operator: F/O. Hosie.
A/G. M.U.: F/S. Pengelly.
Air Bomber: P/O. Bell.
A/G. Rear: F/S. Derham.
[underlined] CAPTAIN [/underlined]: F/O. Willsher. [underlined] A/C. Letter [/underlined]: ‘T’
F/Engineer: F/S. Hurdiss.
Navigator: F/O. Playford. [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined]: 1 ‘Tallboy’
W/Operator: P/O. Bell.
A/G. M.U.: F/S. Salter.
Air Bomber: P/O. Everett.
A/G. Rear: F/O. Witherick.

[underlined] CAPTAIN [/underlined]: F/O. Kell. [underlined] A/C. Letter [/underlined]: ‘P’
F/Engineer: P/O Clark.
Navigator: F/O. Hager. [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined]: 1 ‘Tallboy’
W/Operator: P/O. Evans.
A/G. M.U.: P/O. Snell.
Air Bomber: F/O. Morieson.
A/G. Rear: Sgt. Ronald.

[page break]

[underlined] CREWS [/underlined]:

[underlined] CAPTAIN [/underlined]: F/O. Cheney. [underlined] A/C. Letter [/underlined]: ‘V’
F/Engineer: Sgt. Rosher.
Navigator: P/O. Welch. [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined]: 1 ‘Tallboy’
W/Operator: F/S. Pool.
A/G. M.U.: F/S. McRostie.
Air Bomber: F/S. Curtis.
A/G. Rear: F/S. Wait.

[underlined] CAPTAIN [/underlined]: F/L. Reid. [underlined] A/C. Letter [/underlined]: ‘S’
F/Engineer: F/S. Stewart.
Navigator: F/O. Peltier. [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined]: 1 ‘Tallboy’
W/Operator: F/O. Luker.
A/G. M.U.: F/S. Holt.
Air Bomber: P/O. Rolton.
A/G. Rear: W/O. Hutton.
[underlined] CAPTAIN [/underlined]: F/O. Stanford. [underlined] A/C. Letter [/underlined]: ‘F’
F/Engineer: Sgt. Judson.
Navigator: P/O. Butler. [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined]: 1 ‘Tallboy’
W/Operator: W/O. Jordon.
A/G. M.U.: F/S. Griffiths.
Air Bomber: W/O. Clarke.
A/G. Rear: F/O. Jewell.
[underlined] CAPTAIN [/underlined]: P/O. Gingles. [underlined] A/C. Letter [/underlined]: ‘L’
F/Engineer: Sgt. Henderson.
Navigator: F/O. Beale. [underlined] Bomb Load [/underlined]: 1 ‘Tallboy’
W/Operator: W/O. Riley.
A/G. M.U.: F/L. Scott-Kiddie.
Air Bomber: F/S. Hazell.
A/G. Rear: F/O. Hal



“Crew list for Wizernes operation,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed October 28, 2020,

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