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The letter refers to Jim Cahir being reported missing. It explains events on the night he went missing and explains that his personal effects will be carefully stored.

Allan Joseph Couper grew up in Australia and joined the Air Training Corps as a teenager. He was employed by the State Electricity Company until he volunteered for the Royal Australian Air Force. He was accepted for aircrew training as a pilot and…

Joe Shuttleworth was born and raised in Brisbane but also spent a lot of time with family in the Melbourne area. He volunteered for aircrew and soon began training as a gunner. After initial training he sailed to the United States and on to the UK.…

Ralph White grew up in Melbourne, Australia and originally joined the army. He later volunteered to become aircrew and undertook initial pilot training at Benella and Mallala in Australia before sailing to the UK via San Francisco and New York. He…

Wal Goodwin grew up near Melbourne, was conscripted in the Australian Army but was discharged due to his father’s reserved farming occupation. He later volunteered for the Australian Air Force and received his initial training of meteorology, Morse…

Notes on locations for Don McDonald's home, training in Australia. Notes people mentioned and scanned documents relating to a leave that Don enjoyed in London and includes a story of the leave written up by the interviewer from his notes which was…

The letter accompanies Jim's Certificate of Service and Discharge.


The letter informs Mrs Cahir of payments that will be made to her son whilst he is missing.

The letter advises Mrs Cahir that because her son is now reported as a prisoner of war then payments will continue without review.

The telegram informs Mrs Cahir that her son is missing in action during an operation at Frankfurt.

The message advises Mrs Cahir that her son has been reported as a prisoner of war by the International Red Cross.

The message advises Mrs Cahir that her son's address is Stalag Luft 3 and his number is 267500.

Patrick Hogan's discharge from Army Service Corps 6th Brigade in consequence of being required for service with the Royal Australian Air Force.

A postcard receipt sent to the Australian Red Cross for a parcel sent to Jim Cahir from his mother. The parcel has been received at Stalag IVB.

The letter accompanies a letter from Jim's commanding officer.

The letter refers to Jim Cahir's personal effects which will be kept in storage until his release from prisoner of war camp.

A postcard written by Flying Officer Alexandratos to Mrs Cahir about Jim reporting that he was a prisoner of war.

A letter about Jim Cahir from Des. He says he is being well treated.

P J Hogan signs for receipt of Royal Australian Air Force airmen's certificate of service and discharge and officer's certificate of service.

The letter congratulates Richard and his team for the successful flight to Australia.

The letter informs Mrs Cahir that her son is a prisoner of war.

Jim writes to his mother that he is now stationed in a new camp without a worry or care and is in the best of health. He requests that Auntie Louie is given permission to act as his next-of-kin.
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