Notes from Squadron and station operational records



Notes from Squadron and station operational records


Contains: List of targets from 23 May 1943 up to 31 May 1944. Includes target name, type of aircraft, serial number and letter. Record of 1663 HCU Rufforth from 2 March 1942 to 15 May 1943, includes establishment, personnel, aircraft, strength, postings, crashes. Also some details from RAF Marston Moor and station records from RAF Pocklington mentioning some targets and visit by Sir Arthur Harris. Mentions crew ditching and being rescued next day. List his crew on 102 Squadron. Large number of pages from station and squadron records covering operations from 23 May 1943 up until 21 June 1943. Details include numbers of aircraft and other details, Followed by record of 277 and 198 squadron Squadron RAF Martlesham covering fighter and other air sea rescue operations during recovery of Brennan's crew which had ditched near Dutch coast on 22 June 1943. Continues with station records on operations from 22 June 1943 until 3 July 1943,notes on aircraft failed to return. List crew on 102 Squadron and notes posting to 35 Squadron. Continues with station record form RAF Graveley and covers operations and daily activity from 8 July 1943 as well as squadron records of operations detailing reports from crew including combat reports. Covers operations and daily activity on station and squadron up to 31 May 1944. Followed by summaries of postings, promotions, awards, losses and operational statistics.

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One hundred and sixty four page handwritten document


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“Notes from Squadron and station operational records,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed September 30, 2023,

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