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After a challenging time being sent from country to country, Zosia Kowalska finally came to England and became a WAAF. After training, she was posted to RAF Locking where she met her future husband whilst she was working as a cook. The wedding was…

WRNS (Women's Royal Naval Service) on parade. Accommodation huts can be seen in the background. The reverse has a hand written annotation "Broderick E3".

left page:
Top - course photograph with a large group of members of Women's Auxiliary Air Force sitting and standing in three rows with wooden hut in the background. Captioned 'Senior NCOs Admin Course, RAF Wilmslow, March 1944'.
Bottom - document…

A member of the Woman's Auxiliary Air Force kneeling in snow with two dogs either side of her. In the background a two story building with gabled windows. Reported as Leonard Cheshire's poodle Simon (on the right) with Kitty McQuillan WAAF (later…

A booklet used by John for his laundry account.

Seven airmen in uniform with Nissen hut in background captioned 'Winthorpe August 1944'.
Two airmen sun bathing with Nissen hut in background captioned 'Ken', 'Jim (Pilot)'.

Photo 1 is of seven airmen, captioned 'More matured and a little elegant'. On the reverse of is 'Colin 1 Taff 1 Slash 1 Tex 1 Windy 1' and '5'.
Photo 2 is of seven airmen, captioned 'Trace and Taff got tired of standing'.
Photo 3 is of six airmen…

A poem sent to Betty Turner's friend Billy to celebrate their 80th. Betty describes the wartime hardships she endured, hint at the bereavement after the loss of the men she loved, stresses the sense of duty toward her country, friendship and…

Four men, two tents and a very wet camp site.

Two rows of tents with a large pool of water in between. Seven airmen are poised, one leaning on a shovel.

Two airmen dressed in shorts and khaki standing beside tents. On the reverse 'Sgt ? & W/O Wright both accounts section (Rice bashers) Wizard types. No 60 PTC Tengah Singapore 1946.'

Four women sitting on a lawn. The middle two are in air force uniform and the end two in waitress dress. In the background a two story Tudor period building with many windows. On the reverse 'Petwood Hotel, Woodhall Spa, officers' mess 617 squadron,…

Multi-line poem describing a WAAF social visit, by invitation, to an American unit where they were entertained by the Glen Miller' orchestra.

Top left - interior view of dining hall with chairs and tables. Captioned 'Dining hall'. Middle right - in the foreground open grass area beyond which is a fence running left to right with tree on right and a telegraph pole to the left. In the…

A pass allowing the holder to enter and leave camp. On the reverse 'Sleeping out pass granted signed DEWS W/Cdr o/c Bomber Command contingente from A.D to 08:00 hrs'.

Five Group Newsletter, number 27, October 1944. Includes a foreword by the Air Officer Commanding, and features about operations, gardening, signals, tactics, air bombing, navigation, this month's bouquets, radar navigation, training, second thoughts…

The photograph on the top left of the left page shows the silhouette of some buildings.
The photograph on the top right of the left page shows three men sitting on bunk beds in an accommodation hut.
The photograph on the bottom right of the left…

12 Cartoons of various types of airmen encountered in the RAF.
The keen type, the creeping type, the – I've been in longer than you type, the very fond of his tapes type, the couldn't care less type, the roll on demob type, the line shooting type,…

Two poems. The first, 'A song of hate' concerns an Irish officer who troubles R/T operators. The second titled 'A ratty problem' is about rats in the tower and the signals section. References RAF Church Fenton.

Part 1. Explains delay in writing due to 48 hour pass which allowed him to go to new York. Describes activities there.
Part 2. On return was posted to air observers school and was packing to go. Arrive in Toronto and did tour including Niagara…
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