Women's Auxiliary Air Force, RAF and RCAF people.



Women's Auxiliary Air Force, RAF and RCAF people.


left page:
Top - course photograph with a large group of members of Women's Auxiliary Air Force sitting and standing in three rows with wooden hut in the background. Captioned 'Senior NCOs Admin Course, RAF Wilmslow, March 1944'.
Bottom - document with the names of all members of the senior NCOs administrative course at RAF Wilmslow in photograph above.
Right page:
Top left - two member of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force in uniform standing in front of a road. Captioned 'WRCAF Officers at Leeming'.
Top centre - an airman wearing tunic with half brevet and peaked cap standing between two member of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force in uniform with stone wall behind. Captioned 'Leeming wedding, L Arleen R Betty, centre: Sid Heusby'.
Top right - blurred photograph of people coming out of church. Captioned 'Wedding at Leeming church, probably summer 1944'.
Second row left - a woman in civilian dress standing leaning on a wooden gate. Captioned 'Cynthia in civvies, Leeming Sept 1944'.
Second row centre - several RAF/RCAF officers standing outside a church. Captioned 'Leeming wedding, l French Canadian observer, centre F/O Fogg (Foggy) R Sid [....], last two are [....]'.
Second row right - four members of Women's Auxiliary Air Force standing in front of a stone wall. Captioned 'Leeming wedding, L Arleen (Canadians), centre Esther organiser of the "Y", v popular (Canadian), R Betty Lennon (English)'.
Third row centre - a man and three women in civilian clothes sitting on a swinging bench seat. Captioned 'Joey with Al & Betty's family'.
Third row right - an airman sitting at a desk between beds with picture on wall above. Captioned 'Alex, serious Canadian who married Arleen at the end of the war'.
Bottom left - two airmen wearing tunics standing either side of a woman wearing civilian clothes. Captioned '2 other Canadians in Al's crew with Mrs Lennon at Leeming. the crew were "our crew" - all of us devastated when they "went" with PFF'.
Bottom centre - photograph of same group as in photograph above. Captioned 'Al at L on a visit to Betty Lennon (2cd left) with her sister and mother. At first at Leeming then the crew volunteered for PFF - they all died summer 1944'.
Bottom right - blurred photograph of four people in uniform, two sitting and two standing either side. Captioned 'Leeming: L Cynthia Barry. Connie [.....], R Sylvia'.



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Twelve b/w photographs and one handwritten document all mounted on two album pages


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