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Text for a lecture. Joined RAF as air observer in June 1941. List initial training postings, conversion to Halifax, crewing up and posting to 102 Squadron at RAF Pocklington in May 1943. Describes preparation for operations and lists 6 operations…

He writes of his social activities, domestic details and of his colleagues.

View inside factory workshop. On the right a large machine tool being operated by a woman. A row of similar machines in row going towards the back all attended by men or women. On the left the backs of another row of machines. Submitted with caption…


View inside factory workshop. From bottom left to centre right a row of large machine tools attended by men and women. Submitted with caption 'Production of Typhoon Wings. Part of Machine shop'.


View inside factory workshop. In the foreground a row of wingtips standing upright. Behind several work tables with me and women working on wingtips. Submitted with caption 'Production of Typhoon wings. Wing tip lay-out sub assembly'.


Reg's account starting when he was shot down on an operation to Berlin. After Berlin he was transferred to Frankfurt for interrogation then by train to his camp. Camp life involved food, the preparation and acquisition of extra food by theft, trading…

Two articles. First gives brief description of two operations against Stuttgart 41/2 hours apart. Second describes attacks against German gun positions near Flushing as well as German HQ on low countries front.

One single article covering with three separate columns. Headlines - RAF double attack on Schweinfurt, Regensburg plane works devastated, Big British forces out last night. Accounts of attack by British and Italian based American heavy bombers on…

Victoires de la RAF en 1943
Air Marshal Sir Richard Peck describes large composition and successes of RAF during 1943 whilst underlining the threat still posed by Germany.

Les machines
Maintains Anglo-American aircraft production is four times…

Account of 142 Squadron crew operation to Kassel wriiten by rear gunner Bob Henderson. Was attacked by night fighter and had to bale out. Continues with account of evading and capture. Reunited with wounded crewmates and transported to prisoner of…

View inside a factory workshop. On the left piles of metal bars - raw material. On the right a milling machine with two men alongside. Other machines in the background. Submitted with caption 'Production of Typhoon wings. milling the spar booms'.


View inside factory workshop. In the centre the wings of a Typhoon fighter with associated undercarriage joined by metal centre section. Wing tips supported on trestles. Submitted with caption 'Production of Typhoon wings. Wings in test…


View inside workshop. Four fighter wings vertical on trestles from left to right. Two men are painting the wing second from the left and a man and a women are painting the wing on the right. Submitted with the caption 'Production of Typhoon wings.…


View inside large workshop. Room is fill of various parts of fighter wing on trestles. Centre right four women are working on an aircraft panel. Toward the top other people working. Submitted with the caption 'Production of Typhoon wings. Sub…


View inside a large factory workshop. In the foreground many benches with men and women working on fighter wingtips. Submitted with caption 'Production of Typhoon wings. Sub assembly wing tips'.


Photograph 1 is an air-to-air view of a Boston in flight with six more in the distance, captioned 'Boston A/C. 342 Sqd Lorraine, Free French.'
Photograph 2 is of a line of Bostons on the ground, captioned 'Boston A/C. 107 Sqd.'
Photograph 3 is of a…

Pat's research into her father's RAF life. He was shot down over the Netherlands and was protected by locals until he gave himself up. He was held at three prisoner of war camps and towards the end of the war he was forced into the Long March.…

Top left - riddled plane won dual. Story of recovery of damaged bomber pilot Flt Sgt F E Mathers RAF awarded Conspicuous Gallantry Medal. Wireless operator and rear gunner (Sgt G E French) awarded Distinguished Flying Medal.
Middle left - Regiment…

The notebook contains written accounts of 32 operations to targets in Germany, Italy and France between June and November 1943 and a list of his crew. Accounts include bomb loads and descriptions of operations including Pathfinder operations while on…

Pilot's flying log book for Flight Lieutenant Stephen Dawson, covering the period from 3 September 1944 to 5 March 1946. Detailing his instructor and test flying. He was stationed at RAF Boscombe Down and RAF Ossington. Aircraft flown in were,…

Photo 1 is a port side ground view of a Tempest.
Photo 2 is a starboard side flying view of a Typhoon.


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