List of Fitters, Instrument Makers & Wireless Operator Mechanics



List of Fitters, Instrument Makers & Wireless Operator Mechanics


A list of the entry for E & W School No 21 at Halton. There are a total of 81 names and service numbers with their fate. Many died in service but others survived the war.
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ENTRY, E & W SCHOOL No. 21, HALTON No. 25, 4D1–9.

Fitters, Instrument Makers & Wireless Operator Mechanics.

565850 Adams G.R. Com. Deceased 1982
565846 Alberry A.E. WEM A/G. MiD.
565851 Armer W.
565853 Ashton W.J. [inserted] KILLED A/C FLYING ACIDENT SINGAPORE 1939 [/inserted]
[symbol] 565999 Bartells W.J.D. (I.M.) Party from India
565856 Beckett L.E. (I.M.)
565852 Bell J. Com.
[symbol] 565848 Bell O.H. Com.
566007 Bibby J.W.T.
565858 Bickle F.G. WOM A/G
565847 Bolter D.J. [inserted] 1957 S/LDR Bomb C. [/inserted] Com.
565845 Bousfield F.R. [inserted] CRASHED 1940 SGT/ [/inserted] Pilot [inserted] ON HUDSON [/inserted]
[symbol] 566004 Buckley (Norman) N.B. (I.M.) Com. Pilot MiD [inserted] P – INDIA [/inserted]
565881 Carbutt D. Pilot.
Clark (Richard) R.
565865 Clarke I.J. Discharged.
565862 Close J.A.
565866 Cooke A.J. Com.
[symbol] 566001 Cooke G.H. [inserted] (I.M.) [/inserted] Com. [inserted] P – INDIA [/inserted]
565865 Cornell F.J.R.G.
565871 Craig (Joe) J. (I.M.) Com. Pilot [inserted] KILLED ON N/FLYING EX [/inserted]
565883 Dales L.C.
[symbol] 566000 Dewis D.W. Com. [inserted] P – INDIA [/inserted]
565877 Etheridge R. Pilot
[symbol] 566005 Evans B.F. u/t Pilot. [inserted] P – INDIA. [inserted]
565889 Eyles (Peter) P.R. (I.M.) Pilot [inserted] KILLED FLYING S&T. [/inserted]
565888 Findlay (Andrew) A.G. Com. [inserted] F/LT IN N. AFRICA 1943 [inserted]
565876 Fraser A. [inserted] S/LDR [symbol] MoD (AIR) 19T [inserted] Com.
565899 Gibbins G.H.
565885 Gilmour F. Discharged.
565898 Goodman (Johnnie) J. [inserted] W/CDR [symbol] [indecipherable word/s] 1942 [/inserted] Com. [inserted] RETIRED AS AIR COM. DECEASED 1980's? [/inserted]
565882 Graham J. Discharged.
565989 Houlston J.E. Pilot.
565900 Hurrell T. Played soccer for RAF from 1935, [inserted] W.O. [/inserted]
565907 Kettell (Frank) S.F. [symbol] [inserted] W/C MDR [/inserted] Com. Died 1989.
565923 Jenvey (Jen) G.V. [symbol] [inserted] LIVING IN BRISTOL 1988 ]/inserted]
565908 Lambert [deleted] (Felix) [/deleted] R.
565904 Littler J.
565928 Ludgate [inserted] FELIX [/inserted] F.E. [inserted] FINISHED AS GR CPTN [/inserted]
565642 Mager (Roy) R.S. [symbol]
565992 Makins [inserted] TEDDY [/inserted] A.E. Com. Pilot.
565986 McIntosh [inserted][deleted] TED [/deleted][inserted] J.M. [inserted] W/O KILLED 1943 INDIA [/inserted] Pilot.
[symbol] 565997 Mills F.E. (I.M.) Party from India
565914 Menaul (Paddy) S.W.B. [inserted] A.V.M. [/inserted] Deceased 1987 [inserted] DEC etc. [/inserted]
565919 Moulton (Leslie) L. [symbol] (I.M.) [inserted] AVM [/inserted] Com. Pilot [inserted] DFM CB [/inserted]
565915 Murphy W.D.
565998 Nash W.S.M. (I.M.) Com. Bomb Aimer.
565931 Nowell B.F. [inserted] BELIEVED KILLED [/inserted]
565922 Park [inserted] DANNY [/inserted] D.C.
565936 Pearce M.G.A. (I.M.) A. Obs.

[inserted] P.T.O. [/inserted]

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565930 Perrin D.S. Com. MiD.
565938 Philpott S.J.
[symbol] 566006 Poole D.A.M. (I.M.) Party from India
[symbol] 565933 Potts L. Missing F East 1938
565921 Pyne (Tich) T.V. (I.M.) Pilot [inserted] Com. [/inserted] PTO. [inserted] KILLED [indecipherable word/s] [/inserted]
565995 Race J.F.
565957 Ratlidge G. Pilot
565946 Robbins G.
565964 Sadler H.S. Pilot.
565975 Sampson R.B.
565974 Sarbutt D.W. (I.M.) [inserted] RETD F/LT [/inserted]
565960 Satterthwaite (Scats) W.E. [symbol] Com [inserted] RETD W/CMDR 1971 [/inserted]
565757 Score J.B. Com. MiD.
565982 Scruby (Jim) J.M. [symbol] (I.M.) Com. [inserted] S/LDR MBE [/inserted]
Smith (Richard) R.
565977 Smythe G. Pilot [inserted] W/CMDR [/inserted] DFM.
565970 Southward W. [inserted] SGT/ [/inserted] Pilot Missing 1940
565981 Sowerbutts C.W.
565944 Stirling (David) D.W. [symbol] Com. [inserted] U/T PILOT F/LT RETD 1945 [/inserted]
565979 Strong F.P.W.
565942 Tait W.A. [inserted] 2955 [indecipherable letters] 1935 [/inserted] Com. [inserted] s/ldr 1955 [symbol] A.M. [/inserted]
565996 Taylor [inserted (Buck) [/inserted] G. [inserted] KILLED 14 Sqdn IN [/inserted] Com. [inserted] [indecipherable word] [/inserted] MiD. [inserted] W. DESER [/inserted]
565996 Taylor James J.R. [symbol] (I.M.) Pilot [inserted] RETD 1946 [/inserted]
565954 Turner C.F. [inserted] F/LT 1952 [/inserted] BEM.
565941 Turner F. (I.M.) Com.
565953 Tyrie G.F. (I.M.) Discharged
565951 Upstone G.W. (I.M.)
565990 Walker F.W. Pilot. MiD.
565986 Weir D.H.
565950 Welch H.D. (I.M.) A. Obs.
565962 Westlake G.J. [inserted] 10 [deleted] 105 [/deleted] SQDN Bosdown [/inserted] Killed flying 1935
565966 Whitford J.L. WOM A/G.

[inserted] TOTAL 81 188

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[underlined] Oliver. [/underlined]

This is the list which David Stirling passed to me many moons ago. He has filled in the details about the lads' careers, etc. I think the R.A.F. have a lot to answer for if this is the best they can do. Hope it stirs up the old memory chain! Cheers & God Bless.


Doris & Jim Taylor.



“List of Fitters, Instrument Makers & Wireless Operator Mechanics,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 19, 2024,

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