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Pages of recognition handbook of British aircraft tabbed national markings Europe with aircraft markings for British (service, civilian and India/Pacific), Eire, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France(friendly and Vichy), Germany, Greece,…

An aiming point certificate comprising a sketch of a Lancaster on the ground with rotating propellers It is captioned 'Genoa 61 Squadron 7/8 November 1942 S/Ldr Deas, Sgt Talbot, Sgt Davies, Sgt Taylor, F/Sgt Nightingale, Sgt Munro, F/Lt Leonard'. It…

A biography of Bill written by his flying colleague from Bomber Command. It covers his war and post-war activities.

Bill Burnett’s Flying Log Book as Flight Engineer from 22 May 1944 to 20 April 1946. Initially with 1660 Heavy Conversion Unit before transferring to 5 Lancaster Finishing School and then 617 Squadron for operational duties in Europe. In January…

Pilot’s flying log book for Flight Sergeant Herbert Ashton Clark from 8 March 1937 to 20 August 1956. Detailing operational posting in Iraq with 70 Squadron. On return to England further training with 215 Squadron. Conversion to the Wellington at…

After leaving school, Carla Fantini started working as telegraph operator, which she found a gratifying and thoroughly enjoyable occupation. She describes the bombing war in Milan, stressing widespread destruction and ravaging fires. Reminisces…

Pilots flying log book one for H O Forth, covering the period from 7 March 1938 to 15 September 1940. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at RAF Desford, RAF Shawbury, RAF Manston, RAF Boscombe Down, Auberive France,…

Titled "Here are your allies" the booklet highlights Italy's alliance of with a harsh and hypocrite regime. It provides short bios and photos of key Nazi leaders, condemns antisemitism, denounces Nazi massacres and the oppression of religion, and…

Navigator’s, air bomber’s and air gunner’s flying log book one, for A D Hope, wireless operator, covering the period from 15 December 1942 to 28 April 1949. Detailing his flying training, operations flown, instructor duties and post war flying…

Leonard William Fairbanks' log book covering two tours from 3 January 1941 to 15 April 1945, detailing his training schedule and operations flown. Training was undertaken at Air Gunnery School at RAF Stormy Down, 25 OTU RAF Finningley, 25 OTU RAF…

Two framed drawings of a Lancaster with a reference to two operations.
#1 is the Spezia operation of 18/19 April 1943.
#2 is the operation at Cologne 3/4 July 43.
Each drawing has the names of the crew members and is signed by the AOC RA…

A group of men from an advanced Kittyhawk fighter bomber wing at a service held by RAAF Padre Squadron Leader R Davies. Some men are seated on benches but most are on the concrete. In the foreground is an Alsatian. In the background are Australian…

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Five photographs from an Album.
#1 is an unidentified airman.
#2 is three airmen
#3 is a football team.
#4 is a view of Vesuvius from the air.
#5 is seven airmen in two rows.

Four airmen, wearing khaki, standing in the entrance to a tent. Bernard Ross is shirtless and leaning on a bomb tail unit, two others are leaning against the tent pole and the third is holding a guy rope. The middle one of the three has a navigator…

Four airmen at the entrance to a tent. Three are wearing khaki shorts and shirts and one, Bernard Ross, is wearing a singlet. Two of the men are squatting, one is seated and wears a navigator brevet and the fourth man is standing. A bomb tail unit is…

Two civilians walking on a street.

A pilot standing on a balcony with Vesuvius behind.

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1. A road leading through ruined buildings. Some people are walking along the road. In the background is Misano ridge with more ruins.
2. A coastal road winding through ruined buildings. There are vehicles and pedestrians on the road. On the left…

Four photographs of Rome.
1. The Castel Sant'Angelo and Pont Sant'Angelo, seen from Ponte Vittorio Emanuale II.
2. The Vittoriano Monument, seen from the Piazza Venezia.
3. An interior view of St Peter's Basilica, showing the Chair of St…
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