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Reply to a request from Cheshire that 4 Group provide crew. Not possible at present due to heavy commitments and new squadrons forming.

Card with Royal Air Force crest and Chinese characters on the front. Inside a note commenting on enclosed photograph, the Air Officer Commanding's character and other news of colleagues. Sends kiss to Jennifer. Photograph enclosed shows 36 airmen in…

Tells of early life in London, joining the Woman's Auxiliary Air Force in 1941 and training as a driver. Relates experiences at RAF Scampton and then with 57 Squadron as a tractor driver pulling bomb trolleys. Subsequently went to East Kirkby.…

Note on envelope 'from Al Laughland DFM later killed'. Asks after Vic Rosser's ankle. Describes a little of his current posting and activities. Catches up with friends news.

Second page has colour photograph of Arthur Hollis, wearing blazer with medals, standing in a field at an event. Narrative covers early life in Hornchurch and Carshalton including schooling and hospital admissions. Writes of Dulwich College studies…

Writes about his boxing match and playing rugby. Mentions weather, low temperatures and recent snow blizzard. Expresses that he is not impressed with Canada and has little news to report. Catches up with home news and reports that he is getting on…

Writes of arriving at new camp where they were forming a new squadron. Notes that three others who trained with him in Canada had also arrived. Mentions dispersed nature of camp and distances he had to walk to facilities and other sections. Says he…

Writes that he has settled in and has a bike and uses it to to get around and go to local village for dances and local pub. Mentions that they now have three Lancasters. Says he had gotten over a bad throat. Catches up with gossip and mentions…

Writes that he had received Norman's airgram with his new address. Catches up with Norman's activities as far as he knew including some flying. However he was not clear what Norman was doing. Writes that he was now in second week of course and had a…

Writes that he had lost track of Norman's location as he seemed to have moved every time they were in contact. Catches up with mail sent and received. He compared Norman's flying hours to his own which were less but he would have had more except for…

Apologises for not writing but says he has to spend a lot time studying and had little to spare for letters. Commiserates over Norman being pushed around the country but needed to says that he would find there would be a lot of hanging around. Asked…

Notes it is quite a while since he received an airgram form him and wondered if he had started his courses or was still waiting which unfortunately was common at that time. However he said that Norman had done the right thing re-mustering as…

Gives excuses for delay in replying to letters and writes that he was unable to arrange leave as he wanted. Mentions travel planes and possible meeting. Catches up with gossip.

Writes about not receiving mail and possible reasons. Discusses upcoming leave and possibility of Lewis arranging leave at the same time. Catches up with gossip.

Castigates him over some unstated matter. Refers to previous letters and discusses problems with arranging leave and plans for possible meeting.

Thanks him for letter but says he had little new news. Details his leave plans and asks if Lewis can arrange his to match.

Writes that his leave had been changed and he was unable to give him any new dates.

Explains why he had not written and complains about his current location and course. Expects to be there for another 10 weeks before being sent to a station to act as a wireless operator. Mentions many people on aircrew courses and adds a little…

Writes that he arrived at an awful place after long journey of 14 hours. Mentions making enquiries about a transfer but not holding out much hope. States that he is instructing on wireless and describes activities and thinks he might be able to do…

Writes that it would probably better for him to stay where he was which he was now enjoying. He says was likely to remain there for the duration and the situation was generally good with plenty of leave and good trains. Catches up with news of…

Asks after Lewis's Christmas and writes about his own activities over the holiday. Continues with banter and gossip.

Asks how his course was going and writes that he though Lewis was a dammed fool for sticking his neck out and that he was happy in his comfortable job. Mentions the station might close down and speculates on the future and hope for posting to…

Keith Campbell grew up in New South Wales and joined the Royal Australian Air Force when he was old enough. He flew 35 operations as a bomb aimer with 466 Squadron from RAF Leconfield and RAF Driffield when, on their thirty first operation another…
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