Letter from Arthur Phillip Price to his mother



Letter from Arthur Phillip Price to his mother


Writes that he has settled in and has a bike and uses it to to get around and go to local village for dances and local pub. Mentions that they now have three Lancasters. Says he had gotten over a bad throat. Catches up with gossip and mentions weather and describes area of his billet. Continues to catch up with news of friends and family.




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Four page handwritten letter


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[Royal Air Force crest]

Sgts Mess,
Woodhall Spa,


My Dearest Mum,

Many thanks for your very nice letter and for the Parcel.

I am settled down in this place now and I really like it, I have a Cycle now so I am O.K. for getting around. I use it to go to the Village of Coningsby to Dances and the local Pub, so it comes in very usefull. [sic]

I am pretty well established in the Section now and I have a good crowd of fellows here, we have 3 “Lanks.” [sic] now so we have a little work to do.

Oh by the way my throat was better practicaly [sic] the next day (Sunday) so I did’nt [sic] have any trouble with it at all. Oh and another thing you had better have a good stock of rations in when I am next home

[page break]

because I am eating like a horse here, my average is about 8 slices of bread to fill up with after a hot meal at tea time. Not bad eh?

I was sorry to hear about your cold I hope that is better now, you’ll have to look after yourself a lot more and not bother so much about other people. No 1 is the only one that matters these days.

The weather here has been pretty grand this last couple of days although typically Lincolnshire there is always a wind blowing, and it is pretty cool as we are only a very few miles from the Coast here, we can hear the Coastal Batteries very clearly.

You know Mum it is a lovely spot where our billet is, you wake up in the morning with the birds singing and have them to sing you to sleep at night, at the

[page break]

moment looking out of the window I can see a Cuckoo up in the tree and it is cuckooing its head off, it is getting a bit monotonous.

Oh by the way thanks so much for the Cigs. they came at a very opportune moment. I was right out and going to a Dance.

I see that Pete was mentioned in Dispatches for the Wedding, although by the looks of things he only just made it. Tell him he ought to feel proud that his name was in the Paper or has he being [sic] going around with his chest out already.

I suppose that all our “Friends”? of the district know my where abouts now, if not I do’nt [sic] suppose that it will be very long before they do.

Well Mum dear I think that I am running out of gas now although I think that I had better turn the page.

[page break]

Oh yes how did Dad get on at his Cricket match, I bet he got a ‘duck’ and had a good excuse for it, still I had better not say too much I might want to borrow his overcoat again soon.

Well Mum no more news for now, give my love to Dad, Pete, Joan and Jean and all my fondest love for you.

Your ever loving Son

Phil. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

P.S. Do’nt [sic] be too surprised at the length of this letter.

[underlined] Phil [/underlined] xxxx


A P Price, “Letter from Arthur Phillip Price to his mother ,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 15, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/33887.

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