Letter to Lewis Rosser from A Rosser



Letter to Lewis Rosser from A Rosser


Explains why he had not written and complains about his current location and course. Expects to be there for another 10 weeks before being sent to a station to act as a wireless operator. Mentions many people on aircrew courses and adds a little about his own prospects. Goes on to describe some of his activities and mentions birthdays.




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Four page handwritten letter and envelope


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HEREFORD 3 30 PM 1 DEC 1942

W/O Rosser L.V.
R.A.F. Chipping Warden,
Nr. Banbury,

[inserted] Ant [/inserted]

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Dear Lew,

What the bloody hell do you mean by calling me a louse bound blighter, perhaps I did promise to write you as soon as I arrived, but I have been too fucking tired to write to anybody since I have been in this bastard hole, do you realize that it isn't even built yet, and we are all wallowing about in mud, mud and more bloody mud, even the sleeping sites are a couple of miles away from the Dining Hall and Wash House, and the Schools are even further, and if you

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were trudging around all day, from one Classroom to another being fucked about by bastards of the same rank as yourself you would feel tired too.

Well, regards this course it is nothing more than one long continual bind, and at the moment I am experiencing difficulty with Technical Wireless, but I think I shall eventually make it, if I can find the time and energy to bind like fuck in the evenings. I shall probably be here for another ten weeks, and assuming I pass out O.K. I shall be sent to a station to act as a Wireless Operator ([indecipherable word)] for a period of not more than three months, you see the Aerodrome

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here is absolutely lousy with chaps who are taking their Aircrew Course, and we have to wait until they pass out before we can take ours, of course in ten weeks time the position may be entirely different, from what it is now, and one may carry on and go straight on through with the whole of the course, if that does happen I shall be a sprog Sergeant about July or August and then I may buy you a few beers, but until then, I am relying on you for a damn good booze up when I am home, incidentally I hope to get a long week-end, commencing Friday December 18th

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and if you could manage to wangle a couple of days we could have a smashing time, how about it?

Well, thats about all for now, many thanks for wishing me all the best for my birthday, only there's one thing I should like to point out, it was a couple of years ago you bought me that scarf not one, damn it I almost forgot its your birthday some time this month isn't it? All the very best kid. I hope you have a real good time, anyhow I did buy you a R.A.F. shirt last year.


All the Best



A Rosser, “Letter to Lewis Rosser from A Rosser,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 19, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/36682.

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