Christmas Card from Arthur Hollis to his wife



Christmas Card from Arthur Hollis to his wife


Card with Royal Air Force crest and Chinese characters on the front. Inside a note commenting on enclosed photograph, the Air Officer Commanding's character and other news of colleagues. Sends kiss to Jennifer. Photograph enclosed shows 36 airmen in tropical; uniform with shorts, sitting and standing in three rows in front of a large building with columns and balconies. Final page contains seasons greetings, headquarters RAF Hong Kong S.E.A.A.F. Xmas 1945. Handwritten note 'Nine from left, five from right, centre row, To all at 145 CRP'.




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Christmas greetings card with enclosed note and b/w photograph


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I thought you would like one of these. I haven’t circulated it as I think the other card is better. This is a very scruffy photograph. You may recognise one or two faces. That dreadful man 5 from from the right centre row. Mrs Prager’s little boy Tony is on his left. Jenks three from the left centre row looking like ‘old Bill’ behind the enormous fungus. I’d like you to meet them all.

The AOC is a very good type. Very keen fit type whose great enjoyment is beating his officers at a walk round the Peak. The story goes that Tony Prager getting off the ferry saw the ‘old man’ walking towards his car. So Tony, having no transport at hand dashed up to get a lift and arrived at the car at the same time as the AOC. “Ah Prager! going up to the mess”. “yes sir”. “good, I’m thinking of walking up!

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Take the car away corporal”. Poor old Tony arrived at the mess den nearly dead - its [sic] about 2 miles up steep hills. But it may be only a story.

All love

Special Christmas kiss for my little Jennifer.


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[photograph of a group of airmen]

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With Every Good Wish for Christmas and the New Year from

Nine [deleted] lef [/deleted] from left, five from right centre row.

To all at 145 CPR.

Royal Air Force
Hong Kong

Xmas 1945

[oriental writing]

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