Letter from Arthur Phillip Price to his mother



Letter from Arthur Phillip Price to his mother


Writes about his boxing match and playing rugby. Mentions weather, low temperatures and recent snow blizzard. Expresses that he is not impressed with Canada and has little news to report. Catches up with home news and reports that he is getting on with his course. Signs off as Phillip.




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Four page handwritten letter


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[Canadian YMCA crest]



My Dearest Mum,

Many thanks for your letter, my word it was a “newsey” [sic] one this time. I bet you were surprised when Lansbury popped up, eh?

I was Boxing last Tuesday night for the Station team, I was competing for the Middle Weight Cup although I am only a Welter weight, I was giving 12 lbs away, anyhow I got to the Final and then was defeated on Points. I believe that I only lost by half a point, anyhow it was a very close match.

I have been playing quite a bit of Rugby lately too,

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although now that it has snowed it looks as though Rugger has had its spell until next year. I did’nt [sic] tell you that it snowed here last Friday night we had a hell of a blizzard at about 11.30 P.M. Friday night, and then it snowed all day Saturday and it has been doing it on and off since then. The Temperatures have been pretty low too, the lowest being 0 degrees F and the highest for a week being 22 degrees F. We shall soon be SKating, [sic] in fact I believe several of the chaps have been already.

Well how are things at home? It will not be long now before I shall be seeing you, shortly after Xmas I hope, they can Keep Canada

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as far as I’m concerned and give it back to the Indians that is if they would take it back, I’m thoroughly cheesed with the place 15 months in the wilds of Canada without a move is a bit stiff. Still I hope the next move I get will be to Halifax for the Boat.

Well Mum I really have no news as far as this place is concerned, the only thing that alters round here is the weather.

I suppose Jean and John are quite big now and I guess Pete will be quite a man too. I probably wo’nt [sic] know him next time I see him.

I am going on a week end to Calgary this weekend so I am looking forward to a spot of

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[underlined] 4. [/underlined]


I have’nt [sic] been out of Camp much for quite a while, that is probably why I am so cheesed I have been training.

Work is going pretty good these days we are plodding along steadily and getting the work out so I have no grumbles in that direction.

Well anyhow Mum dear I’ll wrap up now and say Cheerio

Give my love to Dad and Pete and to Joan’s offsprings if they are still with you,

and all my fondest love for you.

Your ever loving Son




A P Price, “Letter from Arthur Phillip Price to his mother,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 14, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/33885.

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