Letter to L V Rosser from Alan Laughland



Letter to L V Rosser from Alan Laughland


Note on envelope 'from Al Laughland DFM later killed'. Asks after Vic Rosser's ankle. Describes a little of his current posting and activities. Catches up with friends news.




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Three page handwritten letter and envelope


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[inserted] from Al Laughlan [sic] Canadian DFM
later killed [/inserted]

WO1. L. V. Rosser
c/o Sergeants Mess
[underlined] R.A.F. Shenington [/underlined]
Nr. Banbury.

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F/Sgt. A. M. Laughland D.F.M.
[missing letter]A.F. Coningsby, Lincs.


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Sept 15/1943
R.A.F. Coningsby, Lincs.

Dear Vic,

Sory [sic] I have [inserted] not [/inserted] written you before but I am not any [indecipherable word] at this letter writing game and besides we have been doing a lot of flying, and hunting snatch in my spare time.

I hope the ankle is better now and that you can get around. It must have been an awful handicap, [indecipherable word] on a bed, but I hope you managed to cope and drag yourself on and not waste a minute of the twenty five years that are left.

[page break]

We are at a lovely station and having quite a good time. I like the work very much and have quite a good bunch of fellows to fly with. It is a darn good outfit and I am sure glad I came. We should have been [inserted] here [/inserted] weeks ago but some body at Chippy had finger trouble and we were very late getting here. It made us quite mad especially when we think of missing the good times we have here.

I wrote Peter a quite [?] ago but did not get a reply. Can you tell me what he is doing & whether he got the letter.

[page break]


There wasn't much to write about what we are doing but we have a lot of fun, and do very well in town as there is an abundance of that stuff than stuffs and we manage to do our share. Hope to get down to see you sometime but don’t know when.

I will finish this now but expect to write soon again. Write and let me know how things are going and how you are getting on. (Right leg over first)

Your pal

Al. Laughland


A M Laughland, “Letter to L V Rosser from Alan Laughland,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 20, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/36609.

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