Letter from Arthur Phillip Price to his mother



Letter from Arthur Phillip Price to his mother


Writes of arriving at new camp where they were forming a new squadron. Notes that three others who trained with him in Canada had also arrived. Mentions dispersed nature of camp and distances he had to walk to facilities and other sections. Says he thinks he will like it there and that he has a big job. Mentions they will be getting Lancasters.




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Three page handwritten letter


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[Royal Air Force crest]

572090 SGT. PRICE. A.P.


My Dearest Mum,

I arrived here O.K. after quite a bit of bother after having to walk 5 miles with my kit from the Station to the Camp, luckily I had an Airman with me to give me a hand.

The Camp does’nt [sic] seem to be too bad at the moment, we are forming a new Squadron here so we have no “Kites” at the moment. As you can imagine forming a new Squadron there is a ‘Helluva’ lot of work in front of me, but I think that I shall be able to ‘cope’ alright.

When I arrived here I found that three of my Cpls. from Penhold who came back with me had already arrived and three Sgts that I knew on the Boat are

[page break]

here, so I am not entirely among strangers.

The one big snag about this place is that it is dispersed, this is the start of the day: billet deep in wood, birds singing wake you up, get up, dress, walk half a mile for Ablutions for a wash, go around corner for breakfast in Mess. After breakfast walk 2 miles to Instrument Section on ‘drome, then as we operate from two ‘dromes, we will do Major inspections at one at all the Operational Flying from the other if anything is required from the other ‘drome it is another 5 miles walk, if you are lucky you may get transport.

I think that I shall like it here when we get started, because I shall have a big job on my hands running this place and I will know

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that I am doing something and be able to think of the saying “Pride in achievement”

Well Mum no more news for now oh by the way we are miles from anywhere, half way between Lincoln and Boston.

Give my love to all at home and all my fondest love for you

Your ever loving Son

Phil xxxxxx

P.S. The machines we’ll be getting here are the No 1 Bombers of the War “Lankasters” [sic]

[underlined] Phil. [/underlined]


A P Price, “Letter from Arthur Phillip Price to his mother,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed February 29, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/33886.

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