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This edition focuses on a series of statements made by allied leaders and key French figures, reacting to the D-Day landings on 6th June.
General Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force urges people to be ready to play…

Writes that he had received her letters and describes his latest activities including meeting up with his brother who he had not seen for 4 years. Mentions his plans for the future and describes in detail a friend who Cathie seems to have disapproved…

Top: a group of tradesmen sitting on the steps of one of their mobile offices/workshops.
Bottom: King George VI with a group of senior officers including General Montgomery.

Two photographs of Field Marshall Montgomery.
In photo 1 he has a bunch of flowers and is standing by a jeep. To one side are several soldiers.
In photo 2 he is shaking the hand of a girl whilst holding the flowers in his left hand. Behind is a mix…

Two photographs. On left general Montgomery standing in an open topped car driving down a street with troops lining road and walls of city in the background. On the right head on view of Scottish troop with bagpipes marching in street. In the…

Upon leaving school until her marriage, Iris worked for London County Council. After her marriage she joined the Women's Auxiliary Air Force. She reported to Bridgenorth in June 1942 to be sworn in. After that, she went to Morecambe where she learned…
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