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Anthony Tompson worked as an engineer for the Post Office before he volunteered for the Air Force. While training as a pilot in Canada it was discovered he had a difficulty with perception and he trained instead as a navigator. On return to the Great…

James White worked as a wages clerk for the Co-op before volunteering for the Air Force. He had intended to join the navy but he saw some recruits being shouted at so he turned around and crossed the corridor to join the RAF. He had always had an…

Flight engineers log book (Copy) for H Kirby covering the period from 26 April 1944 to 24 May 1945. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at RAF Winthorpe, RAF Syerston, RAF Waddington and RAF Coningsby. Aircraft flown…

Biography of Squadron Leader David James Baikie Wilson, DSO, DFC and Bar (1917 - 1947). He flew operations as a pilot with 214, 196 and 617 Squadrons before becoming Head of Aerodynamic Development and Testing, and Test-Pilot at A V Roe & Co Ltd.…

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A port side view of a Stirling 'OJ-K' on the ground.

A 25 page account of the preparation for, and carrying out of a maximum effort operation against Duisburg by Lancasters of 83 Squadron at RAF Wyton, part of 8 Group Bomber Command. Account provides detailed description of preparations, briefing and…

Details of Sam's operations with 692 squadron, mainly against German cities.
There is a photograph of the squadron arranged in front of two Mosquitoes.

Shows operation tracks for all Groups to Dusseldorf. Shows combats as well as encounters with other aircraft.

A list of the 33 operations undertaken by Dennis from 17 September 1944 to 15 April 1945. Each operation has a small description of the task.

Two versions of the same item. Eight airmen wearing battledress and peaked or side caps standing in two lines in front of a Lancaster. On the reverse 'Front row L-R, Stan Williamson RAAF W/Op, Tom Jones RAFVR F/E, Ron Wynn RAFVY AG-MUP, Joe "Jonny"…

Two versions of same item. Eight airmen wearing battledress and peaked or side caps. Six standing by the rear fuselage door of a Lancaster and two sitting in the door. On the reverse 'L-R Steve Harper, Fred Phillips, Dave Goodwin, Clive Thurston,…

Two versions of the same item. Eight airmen wearing battledress and peaked or side caps standing in line in front of a Lancaster. On the reverse 'L - R Fred Phillips, Dave Goodwin, Stan Williamson, Clive Thurston, Ron Wynne, Joe Naylor, Tom Jones,…

Two versions of the same item. In the distance a line of airmen in front of a Lancaster. On the reverse 'PA964 MG-G, L-R, Joe Naylor, Steve Harper, Dave Goodwin, Fred Phillips, Tom Jones, Stan Williamson, Clive Thurston, Ron Wynne, Sept 1944, 7…

Eight aircrew wearing battledress with peaked or side caps on top of a Lancaster, five on port inner engine, one in the cockpit and two sitting on top of fuselage behind cockpit. On the reverse 'PA964 MG-G, L-R Tom Jones, Steve Harper, Clive…

Two versions of the same item. Five aircrew and one groundcrew standing in front and three aircrew behind sitting on the tail of a Lancaster. All are wearing battledress. Right hand standing man is leaning on the bottom of the fuselage door. On the…

At the top a list of the crew including T Jones - flight engineer. 7 Squadron PFF, 8 Group, RAF Oakington, September 1944, Avro Lancaster BIII PA964 MG-G. Below 65 operations listed both day and night. two tours expired 10 September 1944.

Target Mailly-le-Camp attacked by Lancasters. Covers weather forecast, plan of attack, total number of sorties, narrative of attack, day reconnaissance, enemy defences air and ground, enemy aircraft destroyed, casualties, target details, route,…

An account of how the need for Operation Manna arose, how negotiations with the German accupying forces proceeded, how the operation was announced to the Dutch people and a summary of the Operation.
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