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List of crew and next of kin. Nest of kin addresses.

He sends his sympathy to Mrs Wareing on her husband’s capture. He mentions that his brother was the wireless operator in her husbands crew and was killed in action. He would appreciate if anything her husband could tell them about his brother was…

Edwin thanks Mrs Wareing for her recent letter and writes of losses to his family. He also encloses a photograph of his late brother.

The letter advises Mrs Turner that her son is seriously ill after a flying accident.

Gordon Clark had been in hospital for some time and was about to return to flying when he suffered another accident and is regretting that he has to remain in hospital He catches up with mutual acquaintances and asks Donaldson if he can chase up an…

Geoff Payne has his first experience of the Royal Air Force with the Air Training Corps, at RAF Wyton in Cambridgeshire, where he had one of his first experiences of military humour. He joined in 1943 at the age of 17 and a half hoping to become a…

Oblique aerial photograph of Ely Cathedral and surrounding streets.

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The letter explains that it is not possible to offer a telephone line or a shared line due to equipment issues at the exchange.

A postcard from Peter Hattersley to Kathleen Crofts written from his prisoner of war camp. In it he describes a fairy story that he is writing and concludes by stating that he hopes its first private reading will be in bed with her.

A portrait of a woman in Women's Auxiliary Air Force uniform seated on a small table. Her hands are folded in front of her on top of her hat. On the reverse '[undecipherable] Taken at Ely June 1940' and '1-11-6'.

Aerial inclined photograph of a Ely with cathedral in the centre. Two parallel roads curve from bottom right round the church to top left. Buildings lie between the roads and above the church. At the top open countryside.
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