Letter to Joan Wareing from Edwin George Blaydon



Letter to Joan Wareing from Edwin George Blaydon


He sends his sympathy to Mrs Wareing on her husband’s capture. He mentions that his brother was the wireless operator in her husbands crew and was killed in action. He would appreciate if anything her husband could tell them about his brother was passed on to him.




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2, Mepal Rd,


Dear Mrs Wareing,

It may perhaps come as a surprise to you that I should write. S/L Hill very kindly gave me your address. In common with my Father & Mother, may I extend our sincere sympathy to you, that S/L Wareing & Flt. Leiut[sic] King should be prisoners of war. I trust that both he & Bob King are well physically. We have had the pleasure of meeting Bob, but never your husband. You may probably have heard of FO Blaydon

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(he was W/O in your husbands[sic] crew), and my brother. Poor old Reg did not come through & is buried with 3 others of the crew in a churchyard just out of Le Havre.

According to the information we have received so far, it would seem that S/L Wareing was probably the last one to see Reg alive. I don’t suppose you have heard a great deal from your husband so far. I would esteem it a favour if you would give them both our kindest regards, & trust they will soon be safe home again. If you should hear anything from them about Reg, I would be

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pleased to have knowledge of it. I would like to write to them if you would be kind enough to let me have their addresses. This letter may not be all that I would like to say, but our feelings are rather low at present.

Well, I wish you all the best Mrs Wareing, & bear up, as I am sure your husband will soon be home again.

Yours Very Sincerely,
Edwin George Blaydon



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