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H W Wickham’s Pilot’s Flying Log Book covering the period 10 July 1942 to 23 May 1943. Detailing his operations flown as pilot. He was stationed at RAF Fayid and RAF Aqir (462 Squadron) and RAF Castle Coombe (3 Flying Instructor’s…

Writes about his new station, the local area and places to go. Writes that they had not done much yet due to weather but he had gone solo. Writes a little about his flying, ground school and staff. Continues with description of sports and athletics.…

Pilots flying log book 2 for F J Richardson, covering the period from 3 March 1943 to 8 October 1945. Detailing his operations flown, flying training and instructor duties. He was stationed at RAF Langar, RAF Ossington, RAF Church Broughton, RAF…

Full face portrait of an officer wearing tunic with pilot's brevet and peaked cap. Captioned with details and that he was pilot of Peter Jenkinson's Lancaster shot down 28 January 1945 all crew killed.
Two notes giving biographic details and record…

These recollections and reflections were written by Patricia Hook, Ken's wife, who was a WAAF in the operations room at RAF Mepal. They are all very similar, concentrating primarily on the Stirling crash in December 1943, where Ken was the only…

Pilots flying log book one, for George Alexander Mackie, covering the period from 17 September 1940 to 30 September 1942. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at RAF Meir, RAF Cranfield, RAF…

On the left a man wearing battledress and peaked cap standing in snow looking out over a valley with trees. Captioned 'Overlooking the snow covered valley - Castle Combe'.

Full length portrait of a man wearing battledress with pilot's brevet standing holding a bicycle to the left of a road sign for Castle Combe. Captioned 'Geoff Maitland'.

Head and shoulders portrait of Lachie McBean, wearing battledress with pilot's brevet and peaked cap standing by a wooden fence in the snow. In the background trees. Captioned 'Behind the Billets, Castle Combe'.
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