Bill Eyles service history



Bill Eyles service history


Enlisted in 1939, ground staff until re-mustered as aircrew, Feb 1943 to RAF St Eval, anti-submarine sweeps. May 1943 to 78 Squadron, 1943 instructing at OTU, July 1944 to 35 Squadron Pathfinders, total of 66 operations. Demobbed February 1946.



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[underlined] copy of notes written by dad. [/underlined]

[underlined] DAD [/underlined]
Sept 1939 - Enlisted, trained & served on ground staff until remustered to aircrew. (as an instrument meter)

* Feb 1943 detatchment to St Eval (Whitley)
Anti-submarine sweeps - Bay of Biscay.

May 1943 - 78 Squadron 4 Group RAF Linton & Brighton [inserted] Yorkshire [/inserted] (Halifax)

1943 -Screened & instructing at OTU's (Operational Training Unit)

July 1944 Posted to 35 Squadron Pff

Oct 1944 Total No. of operations 66

Demobbed Feb 1946

"The passing of time dims the memory!! Raids from which you returned were all "good" I guess & those from which friends did not return must be the worst??!!"

* St. Eval was a strategic RAF station for RAF Coastal Command (Cornwall)[?] Primary role was to provide anti-submarine & [indecipherable word] - shipping patrols off the S.W. Coast.
(opened 2nd Oct 1939)



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