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Personal flying log book for Robert 'Bob' Keeling. Covers the period 8 August 1956 to 17 November 1963 during which time Bob was a civilian pilot with Hunting Aero Survey.

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Book No. 1 Contents. A list of four significant events in Bob's service.

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The three are dressed in swimming gear and are sitting on a diving board, Blue Mountains

A seasonal greetings card sent to F.G Miller by W. McLeod. The centre image shows a soldier with a club chasing a kangaroo, with a caption "Caught the Xmas dinner yet Frankie?"

A brief story about the crew of 'M for Mother'. It includes details of the crew and a photograph of the crew in flying kit at the nose of their aircraft.

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List of crew members, next of kin and addresses; captain [pilot] Sergeant K H McLean, flight engineer Sergeant S N Leigh, navigator Sergeant D H McLeod, air bomber Sergeant RWL Muir, wireless operator Sergeant R C Barrett, mid upper gunner Sergeant L…

A small group of airmen and women captioned 'Snowy at investiture receiving DFM from HRH Duke of Gloucester Canberra 1946'.

A Wing Commander is pointing out the route from Iraq to Australia to Squadron Leader. The map is being held against a brick wall.


The letter congratulates Richard and his team for the successful flight to Australia.

A newspaper cutting with an article about the Long Range Development Unit of the RAF. There is also a separate image of a Wellesley and the team of airmen and ground crew involved.

An obituary published in the Times with a second cutting with a correction from an air vice-marshal.

A newspaper article about a stained glass window dedicated to Robert Turner.

The letter hopes he and his new wife are well. She asks if he will see a friend of hers who is coming to London for University.
On the address page is written 'Please forward to your son'.

The envelope is addressed to Mrs Turner in Tasmania, Australia. On the front is handwritten in pencil 'I think Turners son flew with dad. P/H'
On the reverse 'Sender :- F/Lt & Mrs Hope RAF North Luffenham, Rutland'.

The letter explains the Society's activities, accounts, objects, committee members, awards, donations, financial statement, correspondence and creation of sub-branches.

Four page Western Italy edition of the newspaper containing articles from various operational theatres around the world and from Britain.
Page 2 is given over to the forthcoming General…

A story of how five or six Lancasters were buried in a crater at Elsham Wolds.

Eris Foinette's Wellington was shot down on the way to bomb Kiel. They were hit by flak and baled out. At first he thought he was in Sweden but soon found out he was in Denmark. He and his fellow crew were quickly rounded up by the Germans. Eric…
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